Halloween 2014

What a Halloween!! I hope everyone had a great night of family, friends, and fun. Andrew and I definitely got all three 🙂

We started the night nice and early with a 4pm dinner, and then costume time.


our night included running all over St Louis, but in a good way! We headed to my grandparents and parents first.

Next, we headed out to trick or treat for almost 2 hours. Then to a bonfire with church friends, and finally circled back to my parents. Andrew was spending the night so that I could go to a costume party!

My mom LOVES Halloween. She always came up with the best costumes when I was a kid, so when I came over with my Queen of Hearts costume and ideas, she was allllll over it.


It was super easy to make and only took a few hours.

There was a little malfunction. The glue for the eye lases was dried out, so you know what we used. Molasses with a quetip. and it worked like a charm!


My costume was super cheap to make as well. I just had to buy the tulle, paper to make the hearts, and gold paint. That was it!I already had the head band, black dress, leggings, eye lashes, and shoes.

This is where I found my ideas:



Question for you:

Did you dress up for Halloween?

What was your favorite costume as a kid?


Halloween 2013

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Andrew and I had a great evening with family and friends. We also had our house decorated a week or so ago, and I love how it turned out! I guess I Just LOVE halloween


We first started our night vising at my grandparents house, and then over to my parents.


Here we caught up with my neice and nephews.

Then Andrew, his dad, and I headed to meet up with a group of Andrew’s friends.


It started out raining, but about an hour later we were having some great weather!

P1080413 P1080414

I think Andrew got a pretty good haul of candy, and it was great to hang out with other parents.


Question for you:

How did you spend your Halloween?

What is your favorite candy?

-twix. but no, I didnt eat a single piece, and I didn’t feel the need to at all.

Pins to pass along PART 2

I am hoping that by the time this post is published (Im writting this on Tuesday) that my sister in law will have had her twins!!!!!!!!! I plan on writting Friday all about twins. Can you tell I’m excited??!?!? Well I have been for about 9 months haha

Just a few things I wanted to share:

  • Wanna try this with Andrew this year

halloween pumpkin

  • Somedays I feel like this….


  • Fall Fashion (once it isn’t a billion degrees outside..)


  • Favorite quote this week


  • Going to try this workout soon!


  • Yup., I am pinning things for christmas already!


  • Going to try this pork tenderloin recipe this weekend


To end on a happy note…I hope to one day find a guy who looks at me like this haha. This really is hilarious and sweet


Question for you:

Any recent new finds for you?

Are you ready for fall? Or already missing summer?

Happy Halloween

After a lot of sleep, spending time with Andrew, talking with Mr flowers, and relaxin’ I feel a million times better!

Now on to Halloween!

Andrew’s costume came together in no time!!

We then headed over to show the family

And time to head out!

Andrew and I had a blast and had a great time together

These were some of my favorite decorations

This was Andrew’s

In St lOuis you have to tell a joke, and then they give you candy. Did you have to tell a joke?

Question for you:

DId you dress up for Halloween?
what was the best costume you saw?

Decorating w/ Mr Flowers and 3 kids

I absolutely love decorating, so when Mr Flowers and the girls came to visit, it was time to get ready for the Fall and Halloween!

This has become my favorite time of year

We started inside

This is a creepy crawling spider (he actually crawls down the wall….)

Then Mr Flowers and I started outside..

And this is what the kids did….

Mr flowers also took some great pictures (proof that I helped! haha)

My favorite part. We had these lights as kids

The finished product!

And its pretty scary at night….

Next up, pumpkins!

Question for you:

Do you decorate for Halloween?

Halloween Recipes

A week ago, I knew I was going to have the girls over, and we needed some yummy food. So I went to handy dandy google.com and found some and I thought I would share!


The veggie tray made easy!

Ingredients: Carrots, cucumber, and ranch dressing. SO easy and SUPER cute!

Of course you could do this with the dip too!


Our course, if you have candy corn these recipes are perfect!

The chocolate covered pretzels were are extremely easy, and delicious

(and of course I love them because of the sprinkles!)

 The next recipe includes candy corn for another yummy dessert 









I haven’t tried this recipe YET. But it looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!

 wouldnt this be perfect on yogurt or oatmeal?!!?!


And last but not least, the Jack-o’-lantern!

I made this for the girls on Sunday, and it was DEMOLISHED!

 Question for you:

What did you eat for halloween?