Before and After: Rock haul

Another day of roughing it in the outdoors, and by that, I mean my backyard…..

The first day, I worked on the dirt, and the rock.

and QUICKLY realized I didn’t have enough rocks. (8 bags…what were you thinking Kristen)

P1070676Day two: more dirt

back to home depot today to get it finished

I have the before and after pictures.

home project3 back yarg2

of course they do not look THAT impressive, and don’t show the amount of sweat and how many hours this took.BUT I did this project all by myself, and that I am EXTREMELY proud of 🙂

P1070691YEA  ME! haha

Question for you:

Do you mind doing yard work?


What color do you think?

When it came to picking the front door color, I asked everyone what they thought! haha. I had a poll on this blog, and sent MANY text messages to friends and family asking what they thought.

But even on the ride to Home Depot, I was talking with my dad over the options.

The door looks great!

I can’t wait till it is paint and I can put the door knob in

Because this just isn’t working! haha

So the color final choices… Blue or Black???

And the WINNER!!!!!

Classic Black. I have to say, I love the door color now, so why change a good thing?

I started by cleaning it with denaturated alcohol. Next step priming the door!

I wish it came primed and painted, but not so lucky.

Question for you:

What are your plans for the weekend?

Red, Blue, Yellow, or Black

Today, I got a phone call from my dad, Home Depot called and my front door for the house just came in!!! Tomorrow we will go pick it up, and then I need to pick out a paint color. EEKKKK!!! After the birthday incident, the door hasn’t been the same.

Right now the door is black, as seen here

What do you think about the other colors:

Thanks to sherwin williams for their awesome website! You just download the picture and then select what you want to paint, then you insert the color. They aren’t EXACT colors, but you can get an idea of what it might look like.

Now I need your help!!!!

Question for you:

What color is your front door?

-my friends are all saying red, i’m leaning towards yellow…but who knows!

Party To Do

To do list:

  • Shopping. This all happened before Noon!

  • Schnucks
  • Target  stuff for the new bathroom


I was trying to find something for my party Saturday. Do you notice anything similar? OHHH yes. It is all green. blue. and black. haha.

I was wondering why I was leaning toward green, well see what I am wearing?

I must have been in a “green” mood today haha. I only bought the green shorts

  • Dollar Store for kid toys for the party


  • Clean bathroom
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • New toilet in

 Ive never been so excited about a toilet haha

  • Mow and trim the grass
  • Clean the patio
  • Buy food and drinks

I then made a trip to Home Depot at 8pm for more stuff for the bathroom. Tomorrow the sink will go in!!!!

Man. I am exhausted~! Time for bed and work tomorrow 🙂

Question for you:

Is there a color you tend to lean towards?

-I actually am a big fan of blues

The longest Home Depot trip EVER

This morning started with a nice and easy three miles on the treadmill. But it wasn’t very pretty, I was exhaused. Work, the circuits, and training for a full marathon are starting to take a toll.

After that, my brother and my dad came over and we headed to Home Depot. We were there VERY! But got A TON of stuff to finish up the bathroom.

Today we just got the wainscoting paneling up on the wall.

I need to paint it and the trim on Sunday

The walls have definitely changed!

Question for you:

How did you spend your Friday?

Do you have a lot on your plate? what is going on? 

taking down more walls

Today was a whirlwind.

Breakfast started w/ eggs, pb, and banana

I then grabbed a gas station coffee and headed to my “home away from home” Home Depot.

I got some good stuff BECAUUUUSSSSEE I have decided to redo the bathroom on the first floor. Or as we like to call it “The pepto bathroom”

At first, we were just going to put in the new sink, paint the cabinet, get some new fixtures and light, and a new lid for the toilet.

WELLLLLLLLLLL then I found myself looking at Pinterest and it all went to hell down the drain from there.

I found this bathroom which I really LOVED. And I thought. how easy- right?!?!?! WRONG!!!!

because everytime I want to work on a project, it SOMEHOW involves taking down walls. Why oh why do I decide to work on my house. I really just need to stop haha.

I was really excited to get started on my own. (dont mind the hair and how extremely tired I look!)

I  removed all the towel racks (there were THREE!), put in new door handles, painted the cabinet, and spray painted the mirror.

They will need another coat of paint, so I started on getting the tile off the walls. which happen to be CEMENTED to the plaster.

 FABULOUS! (remember the kitchen!!!)

I was really bummed because I like starting a project and see results, or at least progress.

Anyway, the damage has begun. The tile is going to have to be CUT OUT tomorrow. It is not going to be an easy or fast task AT ALL. Luckily, my handyman brother and his assistant my dad are coming over to work with me. I love them 🙂

Lunch wasn’t till 1, and it was a simple turkey, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, with a side of apple and colby cheese. Nothing fancy.

Dinner was easy as well, since my kitchen is housing all the stuff to work on the bathroom. I made a turkey burger, and had a side of grapes and corn on the cob. Dessert was frozen yogurt w/ fiber one cereal.

Lab Update: I still don’t have the results back from Friday. (I hate when it takes so long on the weekends but it is what it is) Luckily, tomorrow I am calling the office, they said they should have them by then. I am still having really weird symptoms……

Well time for bed, Happy First Day of Spring!

Question for you:

How did you spend the first day of Spring?

Its time to take a nap

Today was a little stressful. Well it started last night when I talked w/ Cody and he has to head home this weekend, so no date 😦

I was am bummed. But we have other plans to meet up.

So this morning, I wasn’t in the best mood. And then Im still dealing w/ my bathroom sink 😦 ….. or lack there of……

I grabbed some coffee. Took Andrew to school. and headed to Sams. Then my dad went to my HOME AWAY FROM HOME……Home Depot.

Of course, the cabinet that was there was SO tiny (since its a tiny bathroom) and I will either have to make it myself, order something, or do something completely different in the bathroom. (anyone else see all the $$$$$ flying out the window.)

DEEP breath.

Ok. Im better.

Those are fake flowers from walmart $0.50! and the vase and rocks from Ikea (my <3)

The whole way home from my second home, I was thinking. I need to run. I need to run.

I could feel the stress level RISING!

And that is exactly what I did. A nice and easy three miles in the 50 DEGREE WEATHER we are having here in St louis. And I am absolutely LOVING!

It was awesome. And then it became perfect when I took a nap.

I have a BILLION things on my TO DO LIST. But I put that all on hold. I needed the rest and “me time” (you guys know I have problems w/ this sometimes. but Im working on it!)

Sorry for all this, but Im going to leave you with a happy picture of Justin the Elf!

Question for you:
what is the temp like where you are?

Are you running, biking, swimming, or just chilling this winter?

The secrets out! (and one to come)

Well now its official!

My lovely NICU friends (or I should say some of them) have found my blog!

I was wondering how long it would take for them to find it, since we happen to be PRETTY big on blogs there in the NICU, especially Spring Garden. (for my non-NICU friends, this is the section I work in. There is also water garden, summer garden, and A, B,C, and D room. Its a big place! We can hold around 80ish babies!)

So welcome! I hope you guys leave comments (NICE comments- Anna haha)


I also have another surprise. This one will be a bit of a shocker for my family (not you guys though)


Ian (my son’s dad) and I, who have been talking for several months, finally got together this past Tuesday. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this, as it was the first time in person talking.

What if it was akward?

What if we didn’t have to same chemistry? (yes girly. I know)

What if I realized this wasn’t what I wanted, or vise versa?

Well. there were lots of unknowns.

But it went perfect.

We sat in the kitchen and talked for three hours. Just catching up on life and of course, my house! 🙂

(yep. I got a guy to talk for three hours! haha. )

And he was actually engaged in the conversation. This might not seeem like a big deal to some, but this was not the Ian I knew before. 

We eventually held hands, while watching Pawn Stars. (anyone seen this?? not me. it was actually interesting)

(AND we are teenagers again, watching Tv while holding hands haha. but it was perfect. I said that already…oops)

I left at 1230, because I worked on Wednesday (had to get up at 545! EEK! )

Before getting in my car, he did give me a kiss 🙂 and a text that followed approximately 2 minutes after I was on the road saying he was glad we were able to get together. And that he hoped we could get together soon 🙂

So fast forward through the rest of the week…..we have talked each day And have plans to get together on Sunday.

Now that everyone is caught up.

My parents are not a big fan of Ian. I can say this because, well. Everyone knows it. They don’t hide it. When we first met at 18, we were both really immature. We also had a baby at 19….you can see why they werent thrilled.

So tomorrow, I have to tell them that we are meeting (they didn’t know about tuesday). I know this is not going to go well.

And unfortuantly, my biggest fear, is that a lot of people going to be pissed.

this is my life we are talking about! My happiness! But Im the middle child. and try to make everyone happy haha

As my good friend Sarah says “HERE GOES NOTHING!”


I feel that everyone is caught up with that, so lets get on to the house!!!!!!

Tonight, my brother and I went and bought trim!!!

saturday night…… and Im hanging with my bro at home depot haha

Im not going to miss dropping $$$ at this place! At least Im not at this phase anymore!

We had a lot of good laughs, especially when the 12 foot wouldnt fit……except out the window!

“this is how we roll”

AND TOMORROW! I get to paint it all! WAHOO!!! Then off to the pool with Ian.

Question for you:

Have you ever done something that you knew someone was going to hate, but knew it was right for you?

Or have to tell someone something you didnt want to?

Are you a middle child?

crazy for veggies?


This morning started with the Last of the red and blue pancakes

perfect bite

After crying over the last eating the pancake, and realizing it was already 90 degrees at 930 and canceling our bike ride. I made a trip to my second home. Home Depot.

 I bought some new stepping stones to fill in the walk way. My next project!

 This is what it looked liked before

After getting rid of a ton some weeds, it looks like this

after pictures to come……..

Then after sweating, just by moving the new bricks. I took a break with two cookies and a trip to the pool!

My son and I needed some together time, and we had a blast playing with the beach ball. After two hours at the pool and many cocoa almonds consumed it was time for some real food……in the form of a smoothie!p>

What do you think of the new hair cut?? I cut off two inches, and I miss it 😦

Unfortuantly this smoothie didnt get finished. The yogurt I put in (left over from work yesterday) had cinnamon in it, and DID. NOT. TASSTE. good at ALL! So it got pitched 😦

I hate wasting food. So I ate some cool whip cake instead.

Then it was time for YOGA!! It wasn’t that hard this week (a lot of newbies) but it was an awesome stretch and time to DEstress.

I have been having a lot of stress lately, and I found that the past few weeks that I have been going to yoga, I find that I am a much happier person. (now I just need to work on getting rid of this weight!!!! Its amazing how a number on the scale and tight clothes can make you unhappy! and I hate it!!)

ANyway, after yoga I was CRAVING veggies. This. NEVVVVVERR happens. But I listened!

I had sweet potato fries, cucumber, spinach and a leftover hamburger. Also a side of ketchup haha. I didnt even want to put my hamburger on a bun!! I love carbs…I guess I just enough of them earlier in the day

And a pedicure!

Now Im going to bed, and I will hopefully be getting up early for a bike ride! good night!

Question for you:

What is something that stresses you out?

Do you stress about the number on a scale?