Pins and Needles

The past few days have been really hard.

The reason I didn’t post on Monday was because at 830 in the morning I got stuck with a needle at work. I had to go to occupational health to get blood drawn. I was a mess. I couldnt eat or sit still. It didn’t help that Im still so unsure of what is happening with Ian and our future (and well that kills me. IM A PLANNER ! haha)

Ok. back to the needle. Monday they took blood for a baseline. THen I will get it again in four weeks and 6 months. I will get a postcard from them telling me Im done. haha I was able to laugh with the lady downstairs about the postcards haha

In the next four weeks I can’t donate blood, or share anything that would be bloody (toothbrush, toothpick (NO PROBLEM! haha), etc)

When I got home from work, I was a mess. I didnt want to be at home.  I called Ian to vent and the first thing he said was “do you want to come out here and talk”. It was exactly what I needed. We talked about anything and everything. (except the future) He even had me laughing (Laughter IS the best medicine)


Tuesday was alittle better at work. Sundays are a little slower in the NICU (not as many doctors and visitors) So the girls and I just sat around talking girl talk. It was perfect. I forgot (for a mini-second) about the needle stick.

I didn’t post last night because I went STRAIGHT to bed after work. I only got about 3 hrs of sleep on Monday night.

Bottom line:

-I still have no idea what is going on with Ian. We did talk a little bit, but not as much as we need.  I want a title: dating, talking, seeing eachother, exclusive, etc. haha. My friends at work laugh at me for this one. but like I said before, Im a planner and want to know what the F is going on

-The blood work will have to wait for four weeks. In that time, I am told to not worry about it….Riiiggghhhhttttt. Im on pins and needles about everything!

Question for you:

What makes you happy today?


The secrets out! (and one to come)

Well now its official!

My lovely NICU friends (or I should say some of them) have found my blog!

I was wondering how long it would take for them to find it, since we happen to be PRETTY big on blogs there in the NICU, especially Spring Garden. (for my non-NICU friends, this is the section I work in. There is also water garden, summer garden, and A, B,C, and D room. Its a big place! We can hold around 80ish babies!)

So welcome! I hope you guys leave comments (NICE comments- Anna haha)


I also have another surprise. This one will be a bit of a shocker for my family (not you guys though)


Ian (my son’s dad) and I, who have been talking for several months, finally got together this past Tuesday. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this, as it was the first time in person talking.

What if it was akward?

What if we didn’t have to same chemistry? (yes girly. I know)

What if I realized this wasn’t what I wanted, or vise versa?

Well. there were lots of unknowns.

But it went perfect.

We sat in the kitchen and talked for three hours. Just catching up on life and of course, my house! 🙂

(yep. I got a guy to talk for three hours! haha. )

And he was actually engaged in the conversation. This might not seeem like a big deal to some, but this was not the Ian I knew before. 

We eventually held hands, while watching Pawn Stars. (anyone seen this?? not me. it was actually interesting)

(AND we are teenagers again, watching Tv while holding hands haha. but it was perfect. I said that already…oops)

I left at 1230, because I worked on Wednesday (had to get up at 545! EEK! )

Before getting in my car, he did give me a kiss 🙂 and a text that followed approximately 2 minutes after I was on the road saying he was glad we were able to get together. And that he hoped we could get together soon 🙂

So fast forward through the rest of the week…..we have talked each day And have plans to get together on Sunday.

Now that everyone is caught up.

My parents are not a big fan of Ian. I can say this because, well. Everyone knows it. They don’t hide it. When we first met at 18, we were both really immature. We also had a baby at 19….you can see why they werent thrilled.

So tomorrow, I have to tell them that we are meeting (they didn’t know about tuesday). I know this is not going to go well.

And unfortuantly, my biggest fear, is that a lot of people going to be pissed.

this is my life we are talking about! My happiness! But Im the middle child. and try to make everyone happy haha

As my good friend Sarah says “HERE GOES NOTHING!”


I feel that everyone is caught up with that, so lets get on to the house!!!!!!

Tonight, my brother and I went and bought trim!!!

saturday night…… and Im hanging with my bro at home depot haha

Im not going to miss dropping $$$ at this place! At least Im not at this phase anymore!

We had a lot of good laughs, especially when the 12 foot wouldnt fit……except out the window!

“this is how we roll”

AND TOMORROW! I get to paint it all! WAHOO!!! Then off to the pool with Ian.

Question for you:

Have you ever done something that you knew someone was going to hate, but knew it was right for you?

Or have to tell someone something you didnt want to?

Are you a middle child?