A year ago, and today

I was just looking back on the good o’ blog. Last year, I was visiting my cousin in CHicago

and buying lots of stuff at IKEA! I want to go back!!! haha


This year, I am deciding what to give up for Lent. The other day at work, my friend Denise and I were having a slow day in the NICU.

This conversation really happened:

  •  “What should I give up for Lent” me
  • “A$$holes” denise
  •  “I think that is more of a LIFETIME goal, not a goal just for the next 40 days. But I’ll see what I can do” me

haha. This made me laugh, because more things having been coming out about Chris, and how he wasn’t treating me w/ the respect that I deserve.  (that text message, lead to the end of our relationship) working w/ mostly women…well we tend to talk about things haha. Apparently, now it is the goal of several NICU nurses to find me a nice guy 🙂

SOOOO back to Lent. I wanted to do something that was good for me and Andrew. Healthy and Happy.

#1 We are going to eat as CLOSE to Paleo as we can. Hence all the great and fresh foods we bought today at Trader Joe’s

This means: no candy at work (which I have been REALLY bad at), no ice cream, and decreasing the amount of coffee

Today ALL I WANTED was a gas station coffee today, but I resisted.

I am giving myself one cheat meal a week. I know that this week I am hanging out w/ the girls in the NICU, and then I have a wedding coming up as well. So I don’t want to miss out on enjoying the food. And I don’t want to beat myself up if I have an “off” day. So we will see how it goes! I plan on posting more of what I eat, so you guys can keep me on track. AND PLEASE DO!

#2 I am only going to be on the computer when Andrew isn’t here or when he is asleep.

 I noticed today I was on the computer WAY TO MUCH. And it wasn’t even productive. Ok. I was looking at blogs haha

But I want to give him more attention, because soon he is going to be old and not wanting to hang out w/ his old mom 🙂

Question for you:

Are you giving up/trying anything for Lent?

What were you doing a year ago?

Heading home…or so we thought

Our last and final day in chicago, was alittle more low key.

We started w/ breakfast at Nookies. I was so hungry after my solo 3 mile run, so no pictures. 😦

But here are pictures of us heading into the city

Like I said before, I love this city

Yep. I was the driver!

After breakfast, packing the car, and many goodbyes, we headed to IKEA!!! One of my favorite places in the world! haha

We obviously got A TON of stuff. I mean there were five women shopping at a pretty awesome place.

We were pretty packed. We grabbed some coffee at Panera (another favorite place) and got on the road about 3. Well our car had different plans.

We were not far from IKEA when I heard this noise. Just once. Lasting about 5 seconds. THe others didn’t hear it. (they said it was my aunt’s strawl haha) But then in happened again. And again. I then decided to get out of the fast lane, and that is when our car decided to shut off. I was lucky to glide easily off the highway, onto the shoulder. And the car would not restart!

We sat there till 430 waiting for the tow truck. It was defiantly an experience I will never forget

We wasted a few hours in Joliet Illinois. First at the TGIFridays and then at the different stores before the night in shining armor my dad arrived.

The van was towed to a shop, so we took the car and moved almost everything over to take back to st louis. We were leaving the van in Joliet to get fixed, and we were heading HOME!!!!!

I have never been so excited to see St Louis in my life! We got home around 2, and in bed at 3. Instant face plant into pillow

Even though it was not planned, I defiantly went with the flow and tried to make people laugh. (which is hard for me. Im a BIG planner and usually get stressed when things don’t go according “to plan”?

But Really, what else can you do in a stressful situation like that, but laugh and have fun!

Question for you:

Ever had car trouble?

-this was actually the first time I was ever towed- thank goodness for AAA!


Before heading to IKEA on Sunday. We stopped for brunch to fuel up!

I started with A BIG KID hot chocolate (really)

Then I split the apple stuff french toast and hash with my cousin.

My stomach was SO full. Because we spent TWO HOURS at IKEA. No joke.

this was just ONE of the carts, out of THREE

My cousin Erin wanted to go for a rug she found online. no IKEA in STL 😦

Andddddd…..we didnt even get a rug haha. But lots of other goodies. plus our bags for the trip–good thing we brought the BIG car haha

this is all my stuff! I got a vase, knobs, 6place setting in gray/blue, salad bowl, 4 mugs, tupperware, pie and cake cutter, and picture frames.

I also got some baskets for the shelves on the back porch



The knobs for my son’s school desk.



You might not be able to tell a difference, but I love how the desk looks now. Especially since before one of the knobs didnt even match.

Well here are some of my favorites!

(the white plate is from a target set I got in December)

Question for you:

Have you ever been to IKEA? Do you like big stores like this, or small one of a kind places?

Chicago and Back

This past weekend, I went with Erin (my cousin) and Laurie (my friend) to visit Jill (my cousin and best friend). We had a blast! but unfortuantly I dont have many “people” pictures…..darn

When we first arrived, my cousin showed us her cute dogs trick.

When she tries to leave, Louie will get into ANY bag even if its the size of a pencil bag!

Isnt he cute!

We didnt get to chicago till about 10. So we had some snacks on the way down (can you believe I got trail mix…..

Then we snacked on some guacamole before heading to bed.

In the morning we went on a run. An easy 8 mile run. It was rough! but beautiful. We ran right by the lake.

Before the run, I had oatmeal, banana, and PB (that I brought with me)


 I havent run outside (only on the treadmill) and the 33 degree weather did not agree with my lungs. But I finished! Then I took a LONG shower and apparently I looked like a turtle….or so I was told haha

For “lunch” we just munched on apples and some munchies. We then went SHOPPING!!! I didnt get anything, but it was still a good time. Except for seeing this…..(haha just kidding, alittle)

I REALLY wanted to get this….I should have


Then we got margaritas and mexican! And home for some wine!

(checking blogs haha)

In bed around 1230, after watching Pretty Women. Awesome movie!

My legs were KILLING me. You would think Ive learned to stretch after running!

– tomorrow I will blog about IKEA. It deserves its own blog dont ya think? haha

Question for you:

-What is your favorite stretch after exercising?