Just call me Rachael Ray

Ok not really. But yesterday I was REALLY in the cooking mood when it came to dinner. And it was SUPER easy.

First, I started out with broccoli and noodles on the stove, while cooking the chicken in the oven.

I swear there are noodles there. haha

Add the chicken

Then I googled “laughing cow cheese + pasta sauce” and got A SPARK RECIPE!! WAHOO

Which can be found here: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=230857

Then for dessert. I followed my heart to Peanut Butter. And well to the Peanut butter boy blog. (yep thats right!)

I found an awesome PB irish soda bread recipe, that was just SCREAMING my name. Anyway. It. Was. Pretty. Darn. Good. (remember soda breads arent very moist-thats how they are suppose to be)


Picture from PB boy

Question for you:
Have you tried a new recipe lately?
What do you think about soda bread?