OHH sugar

So on the food front. I can NOT get away from the candy and junk. Every since thanksgiving (imagine that!??! haha)

I have also been working the past two days, and the junk is everywhere. I also had a pretty sick kid yesterday, so the first time I actually sat down was 1 in the afternoon.

So I eat when Im tired. Also when Im bored. I eat more when I eat junk. And today, was one of those days!

Food List:

-Coffee, Oatmeal, banana

-Trail mix & swedish fish & 2 reeses


-Leftover thanksgiving food (turkey, sweet potatoes) Chocolate pudding

-Apple slices. More swedish fish and reese’s 😦

– Pepper and hummus (once I got home I knew I needed to get some veggies! hardly ANY today!)

It doesnt look horrible when I put it on here, but the trail mix was 400 calories ALONE!~

Well, the moral of the story is I NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER!

Question for you:

Do you find that it is hard to get back into the groove after a holiday?

And Im not sure why, but after work THIS song was in my head haha


(sorry. the video feature isn’t work on my wordpress- not sure why…..)