long lost michigan pictures

remember how I lost my camera in michigan, was sad about it, and then found it the same day my parents bought me a new one?? haha.

Well here are a few of those pictures. We went to Michigan in August 2011. It was awesome

One of my favorite nights, was having mexican. It was the kids night to cook.

And there was plenty of Coronas to go around

We also got Andrew to dress up! Isn’t he cute!

The next day, My dad and I also took Andrew on a bike ride.

Andrew MIGHT have stolen my camera during the ride

I might need to put this one of the frig so I stay away from the food (I have a booty. Its all good haha)

We also had dinner out w/ the family.

This is Andrew with his godmother Jill ( also my cousin and friend since I was born. she is five months older)

They were trying to be a two headed monster. pretty good right?!?! haha

well I think that wraps up michigan now haha. Im so glad I have my camera back!

Question for you:

Do you like mexican? Whats your favorite Mexican food?

whirlwind trip to chicago

This past weekend, I was invited to visit my cousin, Jill,  in Chicago. My other cousins were going up there for a quick trip and I was pondering whether or not to go.

(yep. I was there just two weeks ago. And we had major car problems)

I knew I had a million things to do at home. Well there were several reasons why I should stay home. But my mom said, “Kristen. Are you going to remember a weekend you spent at home getting things done. Or a weekend with your cousins”

I realized I needed to live life! And have some gosh darn fun haha.

Andrew was at his dad’s house celebrating Christmas, so off to Chicago I went!

My older cousin, Erin, left at 6am, while My cousin Maggie and I took the Megabus that left at noon. The trip actually went by really fast

. I worked on all my christmas cards, which will have this picture on the front of me and Andrew.

We got in town around 5:45. Jill and Erin came and picked us up at the bus stop. And then it was to her house to get ready, eat a ton of popcorn, and head out for dinner and drinks!

We obviously had a blast!

After dinner, we headed to The Irish Oak. Which is the perfect little irish pub, but also plays so good dancing music if I do say so myself haha.

We also got a picture w/ the bouncer who bought us a shot…

And glow sticks. Like I said- An Awesome bar! haha

After a LATE night out on the town w/ lots of dancing and drinking. We might have slept in till 11 and had the tylenol bottle handy……

We did eventually make it to get pizza and downtown for shopping! We even found some pretty awesome legos and took several pictures for andrew

Found a new friend! (notice my AWESOME boots! haha)

Around 5pm, it was time to head home. So Erin and I loaded up the car and headed out. Maggie was lucky to stay till monday.

We didn’t get home till 11:15, and we were both exhausted. But it was amazing trip and we did so much in such a short amount of time! I am so glad I went, even though Monday was a little rough! haha

Question for you:
How do you travel? Bus? train? Plane? Car?

– I love car rides (esp if I drive)