Mr Flowers photo shoot

Hi everyone! I have been a little  preoccupied the past few days. Mr Flowers visited!!!!

I worked on Monday, and after work we met at my house for dinner and relaxing by the TV. He drove 8 hrs by himself, and my third 12 hour shift, ended on a crazy hectic note. We needed some down time

The past few days have included walking Andrew to school while drinking coffee. I have converted another person to iced coffee 🙂

We both walked Andrew to school, and then he needed to work a bit each morning. He trades stocks, and luckily he can do that from home. I am interested in what he does for a living, but I only understand about 5% of it. haha

While he worked, I would do laundry, or just sit and read. Yesterday, after work was through, we both were on the couch reading. The quiet was so relaxing and comforting. It was absolutely perfect.

After working or reading for a few hours, we would head to lunch. Some places on our list: Mom’s deli and Rigazzis’, and (my families favorite) Joey B’s.

While driving around, I was able to show him a lot of places that mean a lot to me. My old gradeschool, where I used to lifeguard during the summer, and houses of family and friends. I loved being able to share all of that with him.

We also had a big task this week. Find a house to rent. Mr Flowers and his girls are moving to St Louis in the next ‘few months!! (I can’t contain my excitement) I know this might seem fast for some, but the feeling we have is hard to explain (especially on a blog). I feel that I have know him MUCH longer than a few months.

He has already stolen my heart. And that is not something I give away lightly. We are also very lucky to have family and friends that are very supportive. I think I talk about him nonstop to my family and friends. (I’m suprised they keep answering my calls haha)

Our main “to do” was completed! We found a house for him to rent. We would then pick up Andrew from school and got homework out of the way.

Another task: Introducing him to the family. Thats right. We had a family dinner at my house with my immediate family. I wasn’t really nervous for them to meet. I knew he would fit right in. But I could tell he was nervous.

most uninteresting table EVER haha

A few hours after dinner, ice cream, and letting the kids play, it was time for them to head home. I then received three texts messages saying that they really liked him, and they were so happy for me. (makes me tear up again just thinking about it)

Today, he had to head home. It was extremely tough to let him go. A few hours later, I found a note from him left on the frig. ❤

Mr Flowers will be back in two weeks, let the countdown begin……

Question for you:

Where do you take visitors when they come to your city or town?


How much are you taking?

Today. was interesting.

I started the day by walking Andrew to school. This is probably my second favorite part of the day (besides walking home w/ him) But I just love how we get out, walk together, and get to talk. Today we played “dont step on the crack, or you break your mother’s back” . DId you ever play this as a kid?

Besides the fun walk, I was not feeling so well. Migraine was still hanging out, so I went back to bed. I mean who does this! I know I have been doing this for the past few months, but this is just not me. I am NOT usually this exhausted and tired.

After waking up (for the second time) I made breakfast. An oldie but goodie!


I also had an iced coffee on the way to the doctor. I will say she is amazing, and talked to me for a good amount of time so I could give her all the info about what has been happening the past few months. Of course, there could be a few sources of the problem, so I got a bunch of blood work.

To which I asked, “how much are you taking”. And I got this cool arm band to wear to the bleeding stopped. Dont be jealous 😉

Blood work complete. Time for some pistachios and the gym. Since Andrew is going to his dad’s this weekend, I decided to head to the gym and stay for as long as I wanted. I started w/ 20 minutes on the treadmill and then an hour of weights! I can already feel it!

Dinner w/ my mom for a beer and salad at Joey B’s while watching the Mizzou game, which if  you watched, you know they lost 😦

And to end my Friday night, I cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, and watched more basketball while catching up on blogs. It was pretty FABULOUS haha. But I was glad to get things done around the house, since this week I didn’t do much.

Challenge for tomorrow: Dont buy any food in at work. I have my whole lunch packed, I dont need to get anything else.

Question for you:

What games did you play as a kid?

-We also played rock school 🙂

date and sweets (help!)

The past two days I haven’t blogged. Monday I was resting after the half, and then tuesday and wednesday Ive been at work. But I thought I would give some updates!


I forgot to tell you about date # 2. You all know date #1 with David went really well. So on Saturday, I was extremely bored.

I hardly EVER get bored. Mostly because I am either with Andrew or running around with errands or working out. Well on Saturday, I couldn’t work out (I had the half on sunday) and Andrew was with his dad 😦

well, anyway. David asked if I wanted to go to dinner and then to watch the cardinals game. And of course I said yes 🙂


Dinner was at Joey B’s. (my families favorite!) We sat outside and it was really nice out.

Good conversation + delicious food + cool weather= awesome date

We then walked to a small hole in the wall bar down the street. He had a beer. I stuck with water. (yep Im cool like that. I had a half to run in the morning! haha I know everyone in the bar was like…really?!?!LoSeR)

We have been texting pretty much everyday for the past week. I think things are going really well. but we will see. We already have some inside jokes. (I love a guy with a sense of humor!)

Date #3 might be this weekend. He invited me to his friend’s halloween party on Saturday.

He is going to be robin hood. My costume is still a surprise (hint: I bought a brown dress!)

Hopefully it will turn out- fingers crossed!


another thing going on in my life.

Is this pile of stuff on my dining room table that I need to go through and don’t have enough time to sit and look through

 Another depressing sight in my house, are my flowers from trader joes

 😦 I need more flowers!


Last update is the stupid weight lose issue

I have been trying to lose the 30lbs I gained last year at this time, and so far no luck.

The weight has put a real damper on how I feel when I look in the mirror or try clothes on for dates and going out.

My downfall. SWEETS.

I can eat every sugary thing on the planet.

I eat when Im bored, sad, mad, tired, you name it.

And I want to change. I want to lose the weight. I want to be healthy. I don’t want to be an overweight mom. Im also 26, and I should be fit and hip! haha

So I was wondering what tips you guys have. What has worked for you? How do I get back on the weight lose wagon???

family is addicted

Its true. My WHOLE family is addicted to the peanut butter banana bread. Its almost gone!

Breakfast: egg/egg white omlet, banana bread, and half a banana

My son with his, and then he had seconds! (I love when people ask for seconds!)

My son and I really didnt do much today. My car is in the shop…and after 400 bucks I have it back (damn) later this afternoon when we walked to get it after lunch

We then played baseball till his dad picked him up. They are going to his home town till saturday. So needless to say, Im  bored. Cranky. and it is REALLY quiet. Really….Listen….NOTHING!

Ok so after he left I snacked on some almonds, laid down for 30 minutes then went to dinner with my mom. (after eating more banana bread. I swear this stuff is addicting!)

We of course went to Joey B’s on the hill. I got the same salad as last time (spinach chicken) and shared dominated the spinach articoke dip.

after eating way too much. I got home and changed right into my workout gear and went to the gym.
I started off with the bike and got in a sweaty 40 minutes or so. Burning 500 calories! YEA!

I also did a few weights, and then I wanted to run. I wanted to get on the treadmill. (WHO IS THIS GIRL?)

But after a minute, my knee was not having it. I thought giving it a few days break, it would work itself out. But no go.

After a shower and a glass of wine, its time for bed.

Question for yoU:
1.) What do you think is going on with my knee?


Sunday Funday

Today I woke up exhausted. Apparently talking to your neighbors till 130 am isnt the best idea

(especially since I didnt go to bed till 1 the night before ) Who AM I? because I like to go to bed before 10!!!

Anyway, before church this morning, my belly wanted some eggs. So I delievered

happy face

 Around 1030 I grabbed some trail mix and headed to my kickball game. I havent been able to play since I have been out of town for a wedding, and working on my house. I love to play, but I get butterflies in my stomach when I am up to the plate (yep. I do. I got nervous at my first swim meet in 7 yrs too haha)

After the game,  home for a fast lunch before the Cardinals vs Cubs game!

I could seriously eat a whole watermelon.

Then I was off to sweat my booty off  cheer at the cardinals game.

my view!

The game was AWESOME (Except for all the sweat)

They ended up tying it up in the 9th, going to extra innings, and then winning when Albert Pujols hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th. It was AMAZING!!!!

someone didnt want their picture taken haha

But he was REALLY excited about dip n’ dots

I dont really like them, do you?

At the game, a nice looking fellow came up and said I looked really nice in my dress.

 I havent had a guy say something nice to me in MONTHS. it defiantly made my day 🙂

Then the rest of my life evening consisted of making my son’s birthday party invitations.

He turns SIX on thursday. His party is in a few weeks.

Dinner was ordered in from Joey Bs. (its a family fav)

 I had spinach salad, a 1/2 hot sauce chicken sandwich, and some spinach articoke dip.

I did pretty well on the food until dinner. I was trying to eat “clean” as best I could today. I even skipped on ALL ballpark food today. I was really proud of myself!

Now its time for an early night- ITS 9:30! wahoo!! haha

Question for you:

Do you go to bed at a certain time? (or at least try to?)

How do you feel about stranger compliments?

Just another thursday…..

Lots of eats today.

After taking my son to school, I slept till 11. Then breakfast.

egg omlet. Banana and PB. Sweet potato fries

My favorite Better than peanut butter is almost out….and considering that its kindof expensive. I wont be getting it for awhile ($ goes to house for now haha)

so sad.

Still hungry……

More PB
and some ice cream

Then my kiddo got play clothes on, well he accidentally put his one year old cousins pants on, that look like capris! haha

We then went to Joey B’s for spinach articoke dip and a spinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, and cranraisins.


Then I went and got my tshirt for my kickball team!

Yep we are the scrappy squirrels haha

Then it was bedtime! My son did his own hair. A very nice mohawk. He made me laugh

Now I am making the playlist for my half marathon this sunday

Question for you:

What are some of your favorite workout songs?