Commerical Workout

Well friends, you should have seen me this week.

Sick + no workouts+ no sleep + eating horrible= a sneezing crying flabby mess haha

Today I am beginning to feel much better. Food choices included pizza and ice cream.

I MEAN COME ON!!! get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, instead of having a pity party. I watched the Cardinals in the Wild Card game (it was an ugly game-did anyone see it?)

During the commerical (and delay) breaks, I decided to get up and MOVE

1.) Jumping jacks: 50

2.) Squats: 50

3.) Butt lifts: 100

4.) Push ups: 2×25

5.)Leg lowers: 2x 25

Even though this helped me feel better, I really need to kick it into to gear. I am getting flabbier just thinking about it! haha

Question for you: (pick one, or all!)

-Have you ever tried a commerical workout?

– How are you staying active?

– What are you doing this weekend?