Wardrobe Changes

The past few days, I had MANY wardrobe changes.


 Friday I worked a 12 hour shift in the NICU. It was a pretty steady day and I was busy most of the day. Of course I wore good o’ scrubs

from first day in the NICU

I then went to see the Little Mermaid at The MUNY with my son, grandma and mom.

(I had to change in my car in the parking lot. My mom brought me clothes…it was a last min decision haha)


The muny is an outdoor theater here in St Louis. I HIGHLY recommend it!


Saturday was started with a kickball tournament of the Squirrels! Where I wore the official uniform!

We ended up losing (darn. Im obviously upset) Then it was time to shower and off to my friend’s baby shower

Change two!

dress #1

 My new pink dress from old navy (only 13 bucks!)

The shower was fun. We were there for three hours eating fruit and dip,

 spinach artichoke dip, veggies, crackers, and of course mini cakes!

My friend and her husband decided not to find out what they are having…I think it will be a girl. We will see!

THIRD change for the BBQUE.

yep another dress. and with my  cool shades from target.

It was SOOO hot. But Andrew had a blast playing baseball with my guy friends.

The bbque including chicken, ketchup (of course) pasta salad,

cookies, and buffalo chicken dip (which I dominated haha)

Sorry not many photos today. Wardrobe changes take a lot of my time haha

Question for you:

If you had a kiddo, did you find out if it was a boy/girl?

-I found out with Andrew. I didn’t want anymore surprises haha

If you dont have kids, do you think you will find out or let it be a surprise?

What is your favorite disney movie?


cookies for dinner

After church it was time for breakfast. It MAY look different…

Its basically my favorite egg sandwich, but on a mission wrap. I also had to ditch the banana, it was on its last day. i knew I should have used it for baking instead (well you live and learn)

Then a few hours of packing. I swear it never ends!

Lunch was a boca burger. WELCOME BACK PEPPERS! We havent had any in the house, but luckily Sams was on the agenda today

For dessert, my sweet tooth was SCREAMING! So I had a pudding and pecans. It did the trick.

It was then off to my kickball game!

I had a piece of french bread and a small cashew cookie larabar on the way out the door

Yes. We are the Squirrels. The first game was really fun. The other team played fair and everyone had some friendly competition. We tied 7 to 7. The second game was a different story. The team was MEAN!! They were even bad talking ME! And im the nice one! haha. We ended up losing 2 to 1.

Right after that it was time to head to my house and paint! Yep. The cabinets are ALMOST finished!

But its the last one!!! so only two more coats till Im done!!

I swear. I never want to paint cabinets again in my life haha

THen. I got a call from my mom that my older brother got into a motorcylce accident. Luckily, he wasn’t going that fast. The other car wasn’t paying attention and just got the front of his bike. It did fly off his bike, but his right leg was only affected. The hospital did xrays and a CT scan. And everything looks ok. Although he is on crutches because his leg is swollen. He was EXTREMELY lucky!

Needless to say, even after all the running around, and my brothers accident. All I had were cookies for dinner. But hey they were good!! so good…I didnt take a picture haha

I also had a small slice of frozen pizza and a drink in a bag. Later that night. It was a good stress reliever 🙂

Calories 1947

Carbs 261

Fat 71

Protein 71

Well I was doing good until dinner…..

But I did played two hours of kickball!!! Dont know how many calories I burned

Now its off to bed before getting up early for a bike ride and then the pool!

THEEENNNNNNNN ANdrew comes home!!! WAHOOO! ( I might be a bit excited!)

Question for you:

Have you riden or owned a motorcycle?

-I have done neither. Im not a big fan. Ill stick with my road bike!

Just another thursday…..

Lots of eats today.

After taking my son to school, I slept till 11. Then breakfast.

egg omlet. Banana and PB. Sweet potato fries

My favorite Better than peanut butter is almost out….and considering that its kindof expensive. I wont be getting it for awhile ($ goes to house for now haha)

so sad.

Still hungry……

More PB
and some ice cream

Then my kiddo got play clothes on, well he accidentally put his one year old cousins pants on, that look like capris! haha

We then went to Joey B’s for spinach articoke dip and a spinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, and cranraisins.


Then I went and got my tshirt for my kickball team!

Yep we are the scrappy squirrels haha

Then it was bedtime! My son did his own hair. A very nice mohawk. He made me laugh

Now I am making the playlist for my half marathon this sunday

Question for you:

What are some of your favorite workout songs?