As the years pass….

With the first week of second grade officially to a close. I thought I would just show pictures of Andrew over the past few years of going to school. Just imagine the pictures for 8th grade, highschool, and college!!! Ok. I need to lie down haha

Preschool 2009

Kindergarten 2010

First Grade 2011

Second Grade 2012

The preschool picture makes me want to cry. Ok they all do. And to think about last year at this time.

Question for you:

What was your favorite subject growing up?What was your least?

-Mine was definitely math. I think it just came easily to me, and thus required less work haha



Last day

Today is my son’s LAST day of kindergarten. Im kindof sad!

He is defiantly no longer a baby.

This is his picture on the FIRST day of school

A few days ago, my son said we should have a party.

I swear this boy wants any excuse to have cake and lots of sugar…..but who doesnt 😉

He asked for a strawberry cake, and did I deliver! haha

Unfortuantly, I wont be able to share this with him after school.


I have to leave at 11 to end to Illinois to pick up my friend Carolyn and Sarah. Then we have a two hour drive to the brides house!!

I promise to take LOTS of pictures, but Ill be on the dance floor A LOT!

I still have to go get my dress, its getting pressed!

Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you Sunday!

Question for you:

Do/did you have any traditions for the last day of school?