It’s time to finally fix the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOOOOOO

Unfortuantly. I now have a hole in my kitchen wall to get TO the bathroom pipes. Hey. Those walls were up for a least six months haha.

(my dad has on his camo hat. Don’t judge. haha)

My dad and younger brother worked for about 5 hours and we are almost done! I also got to visit my favorite home away from home…..Home Depot haha. It looks like they will have to work tomorrow and then we can use the pink powder room again haha

(rewind to last night)

Last nights trivia, was a HUGE hit. Along w/ the cookies.

On to more important info. I hate text messaging (ok. no i love it) BUTTTTTTT it makes for the WORST conversation when you are trying to have some sort of communication with a new guy. Chris and I are having this problem.

I have had problems before. With friends. Ex boyfriends. Even my family. We all are sending a message, meaning ONE thing, and they take it in a totaly different way. What happened to calling people anymore??????

Oh well. We’re working on. Trust me. You won’t die if you pick up the phone and DIAL it hahaha

Question for you:

Ever had miscommunication due to text message, email, or facebook?

-It is really hard to communicate sarcasm, love, hate, angry, etc. on these forms. Sometimes you could meaning to be sarcastic and someone thinks you hate them. Or you are trying to be all lovey dobey and someone thinks your sarcastic. ITS NEVER GOOD.

Any Advice on communication issues in general? Like all you lovely married folks! haha You guys know the secret!