Finally within range!


 9 months later, I am finally within the norm (low value) for my vitamin D!!! WAHOOO!!!

Last April, I started out slow, tired, and no explanation as to why. I had my labs drawn and WOW a 14, when the normal LOW is 30

After 5 weeks, I was already feeling better. I had my labs drawn three months later and it was 26, still low but at least going in the right direction

I have had my levels drawn three times since April, and it is now 35!!! The doctor told me to keep taking the vitamin D and get it checked (again) in three months.

Over all I have more energy than last year at this time, and I can tell a difference. Although that is true, I feel that I’m not back to “normal” yet. So I will just keep trucking along!

Question for you:
What are some ways you keep your energy up?