Weekly workout

This week was a MILLION times better than the past two weeks. I guess I just found my motivation again. I also have been taking more time for myself, still helping others in my family and hanging out with Andrew, but taking time for me.


Also, if I know I am going to have a crazy day, I plan it so I can make it to the gym FIRST THING, so that I don’t get home after running around St Louis, and make every excuse in the book NOT to go. So far that seems to be working. Also, getting out there and being active with Andrew has been a great help, my house looks like a bunch of 8 year olds went through it (ohhh wait. that did happen haha) But Oh well. Someone told me, that he will remember all the fun we had, not whether or not the house was picked up 🙂quotes2(source)

Sunday: Small bike ride and tennis with Andrew

Monday: rest (does 12 hrs running around the NICU count?)

Tuesday: Workout class at the gym (arms again. I think they may fall off)

Wednesday: 20 min elliptical + favorite leg workout

Thursday: rest (12 hr shift)

Friday: 20 min elliptical, Angela’s total body circuit workout +  2.5 mile bike ride with Andrew

Saturday: 30 min elliptical (after 12 hr shift)


Question for you:

What is one workout you had this week?

What are you proud of this week?

A day of babies

This past week has put a large strain on my shoulders, I have been trying to stay positive, but each day is a new challenge. I am just going to take one day at a time. Today, I was lucky enough to see THREE babies! (yep. I might be a baby hog)

This is a conversation I had with Andrew tonight about seeing Toby (a previous NICU baby) and Seamus and Fiona (my neice and nephew)

“Guess who I saw tonight?” me
“who?” Andrew
“Seamus and Fiona” me
“Darn it” ANdrew
“and guess who else?”
“Darn it. You are a baby hog!” andrew
“No I’m not. Im a baby lover” me
“thats the same thing”
Hahaha well at least Andrew understands

My day started off with a trip to the gym. I knew I would be gone from 9-4, and after that Andrew would be home from school. So I headed up there at 7;30 and did this leg workout again. It is a great workout!


After that it was a quick shower, and over to see Toby. This is the baby I had with me over the summer for a week. There were lots of tears shed with new news about adoption. (I swear, I just want one day without tears this week)

Next up, the twins!


I had so much fun with them!


I even planned ahead and brought my lunch, leftover steak and cauliflower mashed potatoes


This way they didn’t need to cook for me, and I had healthy options.

Finally a trip to Trader Joe’s before heading to get Andrew

P1080128(yup. I stock piled the almond flour haha)

I wanted to try this grass fed butter, suggested by Tiffany

P1080130(hopefully this is what she was talking about haha)

Even though my day started off a little on the sad side, I really did have a good day. Now for a good nights sleep and a free weekend with Andrew 🙂

Question for you:

How many siblings do you have?

-I have two brothers and I am right in the middle. Maybe one day I will do a post of old photos 🙂