Favorites of the week

The past couple of days have included shopping, decorating, groceries, and the gym


Garden ridge is my new favorite place. I found tons! This shade I am in love with


(don’t worry. I took the plastic off haha)

Next on the list for my room, painting 🙂


Favorite snack of the week


Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

vanilla greek yogurt, 2tbsp PB2 (mix with water), 1 tbsp chocolate chips, splash of vanilla


Getting the house decorations has been sooo exciting! Another item on my list, 1st communion clothes. I haven’t found a dress yet, but I have this for Andrew.


Now I just need to find a dress for me, and pants and a shirt for Andrew.


And last but not least. I ran AGAIN


I know this is not a big deal for some, but I ran on the treadmill and didn’t have any knee pain. And I did it because I WANTED TO, not because I HAD TO 🙂

Question for you:

Where should I look for a dress?

What is one of your favorites this week?

Watermelon Ship

This is another pinterest project, that was SO easy. The website, also has about twenty other designs as well!

1.) Grab your watermelon and wash the outside.

2.) Then cut the top 1/3 off

3.) Next cut and/or scoop the inside out of the “ship”

4.) Then design however you wish!

We of course used an American flag and lego people, thanks to Andrew. We also bought swedish fish and put them on the blue towel

Question for you:

Did you make any patriotic recipes this year?

What if??

The past few days, I have been off work. So after taking Andrew to school, I head back to bed for 2 hours. Yep. I’m thinking I may have mono…….Tomorrow I call to see if Andrew and my culture’s are negative for strep. Any bets? haha

After I woke up, breakfast was delicious. And then I was getting ready for the gym. I decided against it. I actually felt pretty good, but I needed to clean my house!!!!! I tackled both bathrooms and all the hardwood floors!

(love the floors, but they are EVERYWHERE!!! haha)

I then went and taught a group of teenage parents who have babies in our NICU.

The point of the class is for teens to be w/ other teen parents and talk about the NICU, what they can do to care for their baby while in the unit, and at home. I absolutely LOVE this class and this group.

 As many of you know, I was a teenage mom.  I had Andrew when I was 19 years old, and was in my sophomore year of college.


It was an adjustment, to go from my college life at Southwest Missouri State, to living back at home. Along w/ some other life changes….. But I would never change it for the world.

Today, has been emotional day (whats new?). And I was thinking My life would be different if I hadn’t had a baby at 19.

  • I would have finished school at SMS, instead of graduating from SIUE
  • I was premed at SMS, and switched to nursing at SIUE (I realized my love for patient care.)
  •  Imight not have even ended up in the NICU. Maybe I would be in med school right now!!! (YUCK!!!! haha)
  • I never would have meet the F4 (who give me the BIGGEST support )
  • Would I still be w/ Andrew’s dad? (mostly likely not)
  • Who would I have met?
  • Would I be living in St Louis now?

Ok. now my head hurts again. Hahaha. Its amazing how just ONE choice. ONE life changing event will effect EVERTHING!!!!

Then, I think of all the things I have experienced BECAUSE of Andrew. The love I now feel and know exists in the world because of him. I have also learned to put legos together in minutes! haha

I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything. I know this is where God wants me to be.

Question for you:

Can you think of a life changing experience that could have left your in a different place??

(you dont have to share if you dont want to)

What is something you had to eat today?

(Im looking for new ideas- I have been eating the same thing the past few days! hahah)

whirlwind trip to chicago

This past weekend, I was invited to visit my cousin, Jill,  in Chicago. My other cousins were going up there for a quick trip and I was pondering whether or not to go.

(yep. I was there just two weeks ago. And we had major car problems)

I knew I had a million things to do at home. Well there were several reasons why I should stay home. But my mom said, “Kristen. Are you going to remember a weekend you spent at home getting things done. Or a weekend with your cousins”

I realized I needed to live life! And have some gosh darn fun haha.

Andrew was at his dad’s house celebrating Christmas, so off to Chicago I went!

My older cousin, Erin, left at 6am, while My cousin Maggie and I took the Megabus that left at noon. The trip actually went by really fast

. I worked on all my christmas cards, which will have this picture on the front of me and Andrew.

We got in town around 5:45. Jill and Erin came and picked us up at the bus stop. And then it was to her house to get ready, eat a ton of popcorn, and head out for dinner and drinks!

We obviously had a blast!

After dinner, we headed to The Irish Oak. Which is the perfect little irish pub, but also plays so good dancing music if I do say so myself haha.

We also got a picture w/ the bouncer who bought us a shot…

And glow sticks. Like I said- An Awesome bar! haha

After a LATE night out on the town w/ lots of dancing and drinking. We might have slept in till 11 and had the tylenol bottle handy……

We did eventually make it to get pizza and downtown for shopping! We even found some pretty awesome legos and took several pictures for andrew

Found a new friend! (notice my AWESOME boots! haha)

Around 5pm, it was time to head home. So Erin and I loaded up the car and headed out. Maggie was lucky to stay till monday.

We didn’t get home till 11:15, and we were both exhausted. But it was amazing trip and we did so much in such a short amount of time! I am so glad I went, even though Monday was a little rough! haha

Question for you:
How do you travel? Bus? train? Plane? Car?

– I love car rides (esp if I drive)


I know the rest of the world has been on pinterest since the beginning of time…..well I just finally got on board. (thanks Anna for getting me obsessed.)

So I typed in my email to get an invitation, but I still haven’t got one.(just an email saying I will someday….) Anyone know what the deal is?

Anyway. Here are a few things I found that I love!


Twins. One baby wasn’t doing so well, so they put them together and the sicker baby started doing much better!

I would love to make a fire pit for my back yard!

I think Andrew would want this,since he is obsessed in love with legos

Fall outfit! and of course the starbucks 😉

and the quotes are amazing on there too!








Doesn’t Italy look like an amazing place?!?!

Maybe one day, Ill get to go w/ that “special someone”

I love being crafty, so I found a million things to do- but this would be perfect for the holidays!

Question for yoU:

Do you love pinterest?

What is your favorite thing or things on there?