Temptation Island

I am NOT talking about the reality TV show, I am talking about the NICU

Today was my first day at work after deciding what to “give up” for Lent. (although I’m really not giving up anything. Unless you count cookies, cakes, candy, and computer time.)

Anyway, first thing I walk in this morning to find donuts in the nurses lounge. I’m not a HUGE donut fan (I mean, Ill eat them! haha) but they aren’t something I crave. But at 6:30 when you are tired, you will eat anything. I ignored them.

I ate a half bagel thin, PB, and 1/2 banana before coming to work. So I didn’t NEED anything.

Breakfast came around 10am: Oatmeal, cinnamon, and banana

While eating my breakfast, someone brought in cookies. COOKIES AT 10 AM COME ON!!!! They kept staring at me. Saying “just try a little piece”. NO THANK YOU. When I was done w/ my oatmeal, I left the lounge. Putting distance between me and the cookies. It worked.

Midmorning snack: cashews

Mom update: I talked w/ her this morning and she is sounding much more alive than yesterday. it must be all the yummy things I got her! 🙂

Everyday, I have to walk by the dieticians office to get to the nurses lounge. And you know what they have, Candy. LOTS OF CANDY! I see it everytime I walk to the lounge, office, or front desk. But today, I resisted all of it.

Lunch: Mini Lasagna Cups, sweet potato fries and ketchup, and pudding cup

Snack: Apple slices (I wasn’t even THAT hungry, but I knew I needed something to get me through to the end of my shift)

Dinner: Shrimp Pasta

Before leaving work: Got a call from Andrew’s doctor at 4:55pm. When I called at 5:05, it said they had left the office. If they even tell me he is positive for strep or flu, I might scream

Question for you:

ANy plans for this weekend?


A year ago, and today

I was just looking back on the good o’ blog. Last year, I was visiting my cousin in CHicago

and buying lots of stuff at IKEA! I want to go back!!! haha


This year, I am deciding what to give up for Lent. The other day at work, my friend Denise and I were having a slow day in the NICU.

This conversation really happened:

  •  “What should I give up for Lent” me
  • “A$$holes” denise
  •  “I think that is more of a LIFETIME goal, not a goal just for the next 40 days. But I’ll see what I can do” me

haha. This made me laugh, because more things having been coming out about Chris, and how he wasn’t treating me w/ the respect that I deserve.  (that text message, lead to the end of our relationship) working w/ mostly women…well we tend to talk about things haha. Apparently, now it is the goal of several NICU nurses to find me a nice guy 🙂

SOOOO back to Lent. I wanted to do something that was good for me and Andrew. Healthy and Happy.

#1 We are going to eat as CLOSE to Paleo as we can. Hence all the great and fresh foods we bought today at Trader Joe’s

This means: no candy at work (which I have been REALLY bad at), no ice cream, and decreasing the amount of coffee

Today ALL I WANTED was a gas station coffee today, but I resisted.

I am giving myself one cheat meal a week. I know that this week I am hanging out w/ the girls in the NICU, and then I have a wedding coming up as well. So I don’t want to miss out on enjoying the food. And I don’t want to beat myself up if I have an “off” day. So we will see how it goes! I plan on posting more of what I eat, so you guys can keep me on track. AND PLEASE DO!

#2 I am only going to be on the computer when Andrew isn’t here or when he is asleep.

 I noticed today I was on the computer WAY TO MUCH. And it wasn’t even productive. Ok. I was looking at blogs haha

But I want to give him more attention, because soon he is going to be old and not wanting to hang out w/ his old mom 🙂

Question for you:

Are you giving up/trying anything for Lent?

What were you doing a year ago?

Happy News!

Today was a pretty good day on the house front!

(rewind to Monday)

I found the house I wanted and put an offer on it. They counter offered. I didn’t because I couldn’t go any higher. Then yesterday I was able to place a counter offer. AND THEY ACCEPTED!!!!

The next step will be  when I have ALLLL the expensive inspections. Which will take a few hours.

I am excited. BUT SOOOOO nervous! I am worried if I get TOO excited , and something goes wrong, then I will be let down.

I will keep you updated!


Angela and I made a deal today, NO CANDY. And I did it! So now I am starting a NO CANDY streak to see how long I can go! Today: Day 1. haha

I also know Lent is upon us. And so a friend and I at work have given up elevators. Thats right. STAIRS ALL THE WAY!

Question for you:

What are you giving up for lent?