Getting ready to party

So did anyone think that yesterday’s post was all over the place?!?! ok. Good. I’m glad it wasn’t just me! haha.

And you might want to know why. Well, not only am I trying to stay on track with this crazy marathon training, but I also meet with Annie twice a week to do circuit training. (today we did week 1) And on top of that I am planning a birthday/housewarming party for Saturday and working. I MUST be crazy.

(last years party was very low key, considering we hadn’t finished the kitchen or even moved in the house yet! haha) Present from my parents last year, a trimmer. Best gift ever!

I LOVE having a barbecue, but its just a lot on my plate. (oh I also have to clean the whole house with Andrew’s help…) This is how he spent some of the time

haha you can even see him taking the picture! (His head is in middle of the kichenaid mixer haha) Well I guess, my mom takes pictures of everything. I take pictures, even of food. So it is just inevitable that he will take TONS of pictures! haha

I also found this funny that he hung on his door…….

Question for you:

What is your favorite party to attend? Birthday, wedding, swim party, card games,….?