Playing Catch Up

MAN. I hate being away from this blog. But life has been crazy busy. Between working a three day weekend. Hanging out w/ Ryan. And then trying to get my life back together…..well Im a mess and still haven’t caught up on all my blogs!!! (the most frustrating part haha)

Today started out w/ packing ANdrew’s lunch. I put a special note in

I was then picked up by Ryan for a SURPRISE day. I asked a MILLION questions trying to figure out what the surprise was….but I wasn’t even close.

A week ago, we were talking about manicures and pedicures (who knows whY) and I say I usually only do this as a treat or for a special occasion. That it is really hard sometimes for me to spend $ and that I don’t have much time. (then I asked if he gets them hahaha. He doesnt) But today, he bought me coffeeĀ  and took me to get my nails done.

Apparently he knows what he is doing. It was perfect! We then went out to lunch. One day, Ill get a picture of the two of us (can you believe I haven’t taken ONE picture…crazy)

Then it was time for my FIRST run outside w/ my new kicks. 4miles!

IT IS in the 50s HERE!!!!! And I love it! I also saw this on fb and thought it was awesome

After making some yummy dinner (recipe tomorrow!)

It was time for boy scouts w/ Andrew, and we made this pretty crafty scrapbook (some moms have all the talent!)

This would be my favorite page we made haha

Well Im off to bed, but I need to catch you guys up on Ryan. He is pretty awesome, and its kindof freaking me out. Im not use to it! Goodnight!

Question for you:

What are you up to? Anything fun this weekend?

What is the temperature like where you are?


Lunch Box

For work, I ALWAYS bring my own food.

I do this because not only is the cafeteria food more $$$, I have also not heard the best stories. (ALthough sometimes the DQ bizzards look amazing! Yep. Thats right, we have a DQ right. down. stairs.)

To save time in the morning, I pack my bag the night before. Sometimes I will use leftovers, here are some ideas:

-Turkey sandwich

boca burger
-PB and J

– Salad (w/ chicken, walnuts, cranraisins, the options are endless)

Homemade pizza
meatball sandwich (but can be messy)

And there are even MORE possibilites for sides!!

But of course dont forget dessert šŸ™‚

I ususally bring a vitatop, sugar free pudding, or have a few million pieces of candy


My bag today includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Breakfast (usually aroudn 10 or 1030)

I bring a bowl to make my oatmeal w/ cinnamon, banana, and the main ingredient PB!

Bowl O oats

Lunch around 2 or 3

Boca burger with american cheese, arnolds thins, yellow pepper and ketchup. watermelon. Dessert vitatop


Pecans, apple that I cut up and put in yogurt

I find that if I eat a bigger lunch, then when I get home I dont STUFF my face. I also have a hardboiled egg and colby cheeseĀ or an omlet before coming into work at 6am

Question for you:

Do you pack your lunch? Or snacks?