Baby Andrew all grown up

Each year, Andrew and I get family pictures. We have started this since Andrew was only a few months old


(fist pump haha)

I would buy LOTS of pictures, especially wallets to pass out. Of course, I bought way too many, but I never got rid of them. So I decided to put them in a book and I thought I would share them  🙂


Some pictures were with his dad, just me, and all of us together. Now, his dad still comes, we just don’t take pictures all together.

~2 months~


~1 year~


~18 months~


~2 years~


~3 years~


~4 years~


~5 years~


~6 years~



~7 years ~


~8 years~


I went crazy a few years with pictures, but I am so glad to have these. And looking back at the tiny baby boy he was just a few years ago is incredible. He is growing up so fast!

Question for you:

Now what color for year 9…. Andrew was thinking red



Christmas Cards

Each year, my family sends out a Christmas Card to family and friends. It first started when I was around 5 years old, with just me and my brothers. Each year it just seems to grow!

This was the picture that Andrew and I sent out two years ago


We had a few choices this year…..

DSC_0526 DSC_0531DSC_0549


This year we decided on this one


My mom and dad also sent out a card. We only took a few photos, before we picked this one


We always have a good time (although my brothers dislike it quite  a bit, and my mom constantly says “Just one more” haha)

DSC_0569bAfterwards, we all headed to Joey B’s and looked through the pictures.

Question for you:

Do you send out a Christmas Card?

If you had a card, who would you put on it?

Last Michigan post (I promise)

This post is just going to be photo heavy (I apologize) I just couldn’t decide which to keep and ones to not

I really miss Michigan 😦

But here are some flashbacks!

Each morning or evening, Andrew and I would go for walks on the beach or to the lighthouse

P1070515b P1070522b P1070570b P1070571b P1070578b P1070580b P1070585b


We also worked on Andrew learning to ride his bike oh help me, with  my cousin’s and her boysfriend’s help.

P1070587b P1070586b

Of course, there was the amazing beach

P1070625b P1070628b P1070620b P1070559b P1070622b

Thanks for keeping up till the end 🙂



Beach bonfire

After eating lots of yummy food, and staying active on the trails, it was time to relax. The very last night, we headed to the Elberta beach (which is just right around the way from where we were staying)

We got there when it was still a bit light out


Even though we didn’t get a great sunset with all the clouds, it was still a great night!

Crazy kiddo
Crazy kiddo haha

We brought food, and of course stuff for smores!


It was a perfect night

P1070634n P1070632b

Andrew and I were snuggling

goofball. not sleeping
goofball. not sleeping


The fire was memorizing


I just have one more Michigan post, coming next week 🙂

Question for you:
Do you like smores?

Have you ever had a bonfire on the beach?

Today, I am thankful for my son

I know that I might be a little bias, but I have a pretty amazing son. He makes me laugh. He loves to cuddle. And he could talk my ear off before the sun is up 😉

169085_674865048248_3623415_n IMG_1030me and andrew

483338_10100326904413108_108056487_n PHONE PICTURES 006 IMG_0038

IMG_0051 IMG_1537 8335_587716065508_5843246_n

IMG_0743 IMG_1187 me and andrew

But most of all, I love when we lay in bed, too early to go downstairs, and just talk. We have no place to go. Nothing to think about. Just the two of us 🙂


Question for you:

Who is someone you are thankful for?