First Cardinals Game!

Well, our first game was a chilly 44 degree (windy 35) degree game, but we made the most of it! There was a fundraiser for tickets (for my cousins highschool) and several of my family members bundled up for the game!




It was also a tribute  to Stan Musial who was a great Cardinals player, and also loved to play the harmonica.

IMG_1361 IMG_1360

We all got free ones! Andrew is getting pretty good haha


I even got to sit by spiderman!


Question for you:

How as your friday?

Are you a big baseball fan?

Easter Bunny

Yesterday was a busy whirl wind of a day, but amazing just the same.

The day started with a visit from the Easter bunny right here in our own living room


Andrew’s basket had all types of goodies


After church, we headed to my aunt and uncle’s for brunch

And more Easter egg hunting

Bridesmaids and Easter 078b

The race is ONNNNN!

Bridesmaids and Easter 091n

Andrew and my nephew always have a blast together (yep. they match. one purpose)

Bridesmaids and Easter 120bb

The weather was so nice eventually Andrew changed into shorts


Me and my favorite little guy


Question for you:

What did you get from the Easter bunny?

Surviving Four in a Row

HOLY MOLY! The past four days in the NICU were a bit rough. I sat for maybe a few minutes here and there, thank goodness for morning glory muffins, chobani, and planning ahead!


Unfortuantly, with no time even to cut an apple, I did shovel eat some candy on Tuesday. I haven’t been that busy in awhile, so today, I took it easy.

cat nap

I didn’t workout. I didn’t leave the house except to read at Andrew’s library class, and pick him up from school. I am now off for FIVE DAYS with him! I missed him so much, since he is asleep by the time I get home (I haven’t seen him since Friday- just chats on the phone

me and andrew

This weeks workout plan:

  • Thursday: Small circuit than yoga with annie
  • Friday: still up in the air..
  • Saturday: PIYO class at the gym
  • Sunday: spin class

Even though the four shifts were difficult, I still stayed healthy (except for the candy on Tuesday) Thanks to extra planning! I’m hoping for a weight lose this week. Today, my body was in FULL recovery mode. Eating more and lots of rests.

Question for you:

What is your workout plans for the week?

(feel free to send me a kick in the booty to get moving!)

Sunday with the little dude

Over the past few weeks, I feel that I haven’t seen Andrew to much. Between Andrew in school all day, and I have been working (alot to me) I knew today we needed to have a fun day!

First, it started with ice coffee for me and a pillow fort for Andrew 🙂

Luckily, it was BEAUTIFUL outside! So we met my sister in law, and nephew for breakfast. Then we headed to the park!

Rocket ship park I believe its called

The swings were always my favorite!

we the drove to the Clayton Art Fair (more on that tomorrow)

After an AMAZING nap, we then went to my old gradeschool’s homecoming. It was definitely a busy but fun day!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

(belly update: still not feeling well…..)

Question for you:

What did you do for dinner?
Are you ready for fall?
-I just bought some pumpkin beer 🙂

7 years in one post

Today, Andrew and I met his dad at JcPenny’s for some family photos! We have been doing this since Andrew was just a month old, and each year in June we get pictures. I can’t wait to show you this years! We will have to wait till July……

Hospital Picture 9lbs 6oz!

2 month. This is the outfit he came home in (above) it barely fit at 2 months haha

6 month

1 year

1 1/2 years

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year. My favorite picture

I can’t find the 6 year… but I’ll work on it!

Question for you:

What color should we wear next year? haha This year we choose green.