2013 Flashback (the last 6 months)

2013 had so many fun adventures and experiences! And I only recapped 6 months so far! Today, I looked through the last 1/2 of the year, and it makes me realize how much we did, and how much fun we had 🙂



  • We took the little baby to the zoo for the first time 🙂




  • Andrew and I headed to Six Flags for mom and me time




back yarg2

  • My friend’s and I had a great weekend at the lake






  • I started paleo for good 🙂






  • To the winery with family, friends, Andrew, and our little fella

P1080329 - Copy











Well that concludes the whole year!!!! it was a lot! I am so glad I decided to do this flashback. It is so much fun to see what happened just in one year. I am really looking forward to 2014

Question for you:

What do you have planned for 2014?

Last Michigan post (I promise)

This post is just going to be photo heavy (I apologize) I just couldn’t decide which to keep and ones to not

I really miss Michigan 😦

But here are some flashbacks!

Each morning or evening, Andrew and I would go for walks on the beach or to the lighthouse

P1070515b P1070522b P1070570b P1070571b P1070578b P1070580b P1070585b


We also worked on Andrew learning to ride his bike oh help me, with  my cousin’s and her boysfriend’s help.

P1070587b P1070586b

Of course, there was the amazing beach

P1070625b P1070628b P1070620b P1070559b P1070622b

Thanks for keeping up till the end 🙂



Michigan: activities

Since yesterdays post was all about food, I thought I would talk about the fun stuff we did in Michigan. We actually stayed REALLY active, between tennis, bike riding, and of course beach time haha

After breakfast, we would usually head over to the tennis courts with my cousin and her boyfriend


Andrew got a new racket for his birthday, and we have been playing about once a week at home. My aunt and cousin love to play, and it was alot of fun!

We also took a few bike rides.


Andrew is still working on riding by himself, but going on a 28 mile bike ride was tough pulling him behind me.


He loved it, and started getting the whole mechanics of balancing and pedaling.

We were like a biker gang heading to the cherry hut haha

P1070590b P1070592b

Another activity would have to be monopoly.


Andrew would go around the house asking ANYONE to play with him

beach and bike post coming up later….

Question for you:

Would you rather swim, bike, or run? or play tennis?

– I would rather swim, bike, tennis, then run. Actually after our 10 hour drive home, I went to the pool and swam 2000 yards! It felt amazing! especially after being in the car so long

What is your favorite board/card game?

-I love to play nerts! Has anyone else played that before?

What I Ate Wednesday: Michigan style

Ok before I get started! I want to pass along this great new app from Civilized caveman! Today ONLY it is $0.99 and comes with over 200 paleo recipes!! You have to try it out!

now if only I had an iphone……tear…haha


Hi everyone! So I took a few days off (and had a few posts written) because my mom, Andrew, and I went to Michigan! We just got home yesterday afternoon, but I thought I would share some of the few “eats” for the five days we were gone 🙂

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, 1/2 slice toast


heading outside to eat on the deck. by this view….


Lunch: n0thing exciting. usually leftovers (boring…) Of course Andrew had his grilled cheese

P1070569(taken by Andrew)

One day we did ride bikes to the Cherry Hut for lunch. I grabbed a messy salad


Dinner: This night we had barbeque chicken, potatoes, salad, and blueberries


(chicken consumed BEFORE picture haha)

Dessert: One night we went to Elberta beach and had a bonfire and smores 🙂


(two other nights we went and got ice cream from Kilwins. sorry, can’t pause to take pictures of ice cream haha)

more vacation posts to come…..

Question for you:

What is your favorite vacation treat?

What is one healthy thing you ate today?

long lost michigan pictures

remember how I lost my camera in michigan, was sad about it, and then found it the same day my parents bought me a new one?? haha.

Well here are a few of those pictures. We went to Michigan in August 2011. It was awesome

One of my favorite nights, was having mexican. It was the kids night to cook.

And there was plenty of Coronas to go around

We also got Andrew to dress up! Isn’t he cute!

The next day, My dad and I also took Andrew on a bike ride.

Andrew MIGHT have stolen my camera during the ride

I might need to put this one of the frig so I stay away from the food (I have a booty. Its all good haha)

We also had dinner out w/ the family.

This is Andrew with his godmother Jill ( also my cousin and friend since I was born. she is five months older)

They were trying to be a two headed monster. pretty good right?!?! haha

well I think that wraps up michigan now haha. Im so glad I have my camera back!

Question for you:

Do you like mexican? Whats your favorite Mexican food?

A christmas miracle!!

I have SOOO much to update everyone on for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Andrew and I are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends.  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


I want to do the holiday justice, so it will have to wait till tomorrow, but I will let you in on ONE of the best things to happen 🙂



On Christmas Eve, I received my present from Andrew and it was a brand new camera! I was so excited! you guys know Ive needed one since August when I lost it in Michigan 😦 . But that camera had some pictures and videos that were never uploaded on my computer. I was completely bummed for months!!! I even called stores, restaurants, and City Hall in the town asking if anyone had found it. Ive been stealing borrowing my moms since then.

Around noon on Christmas Day, we opened gifts from my parents and then headed home for a nap before going to grandmas house. Andrew and I arrived at my grandparents around 5pm. First, my mom hurries over to me, hands me a pink 31 bag and tells me to go open it in front of everyone. Um what? Why would I go open something in front of everyone when they aren’t openning anything…….but I went with it.

And this is what I say. “Um. Is this my camera Andrew gave me last night” (I was thinking I had left it at my parents, and they were trying to say – LOOK. you already lost it haha)


THIS is the camera I lost in MICHIGAN!!!!!! IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently earlier in the day, my mom was getting a bag out of her closet, and it fell out on the floor!  all she kept saying was “OH MY GOD. You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!!”

Well she put some tissue paper in a 31 bag and gave it to me! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

I have been smiling ALL NIGHT! I can’t wait to charge the battery and get the pictures on my computer. (Im still not sure what I will do with the camera I got last night.) But really!!! talk about a strange event happening on Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing day and I will catch up all up soon!


Michigan Part II- THE HOUSE!

This is probably my favorite post about the vacation (see the first one here). The house was AMAZING!

THe bad thing about this post, all the pictures were taken with my camera and loaded to my mom’s computer before I lost it. Im still looking. I have called all over Frankfort, with no luck. Im still praying to Saint Anthony!!!



This is the back of the house

Which looks directly at the Frankfort Light  which was built in 1873

 and known previously as Frankfort North Breakwater lighthouse

The FIRST floor

THe living room

Through the door in the back, you walk into the “boat room”

(this is where we talking about Al Capone and the “ghosts”.

 the secret room is right below this and has an AMAZING view of the beach)

On the other side of the main floor: The kitchen. We only ate breakfast and the occasional lunch here

Then to the dining room, where we did eat our Mexican Fiesta because it was too windy outside.

It also leads straight to the deck!

And off this room, is the only main floor bathroom

Then up to the Second floor!

This was my parents room

Mine and Andrew’s room

Notice the really cool lamps? 😉

This is the bathroom we shared. Although I was the only one to use the bathtub

My aunt and uncle got the master bedroom, that has its own bathroom

(its actually HUGE. cant tell in the picture)

The third floor has four bedrooms and one bathroom

And last. But not least.

The front of the house.

The pictures do not do this amazing house justice. It is huge.

We had 12 people there, and you never felt crowded at all. Plenty of space for everyone (and their legos haha)

(there is also a basement that is 1/2 finished with a laundry room, bathroom, and 2nd frig (which held all the drinks haha))


I really wish I had my camera because I had pictures of  andrew dressed up on our “Mexican Fiesta” night. Hopefully the bookstore will have it when I call tomorrow…thinking positive. I also need to update you all on my “gap anxiety” and a few other things!

But now I have in comfy Pjs, with a glass of wine and going to read my book. Work again tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!~

Question for you:

When you go out of town do you rent a house? get a condo? a hotel? or just wing it?

What is something going on in your life this week?

Michigan Part 1

Still no luck on the camera (I called almost all the stores so far that I went to in Michigan…no luck) Luckily, my mom takes 10X as many pictures as I do.

Last week, Andrew and I went on a family vacation with my mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, my three cousins, and aunt and uncle. We stayed in an AMAZING house in Frankfort Michigan. We have gone there for many years, but not in the past 5. So I was so excited to get back up there!

The house pictures will have to come tomorrow (they deserve their own post). It is a three story house with 7 bedrooms, 5baths and is right on the beach. AND it use to be owned by Al Capone, the american ganster in the 1920s. THere is actually a hiden room and a section with bars on it. Needless to say, we talked about if there could possibly be ghosts there….but we didn’t hear or see anything.

I thought I would just show a MILLION pictures about what we did, and just give some captions.

Andrew swimming in the Platte River, which was warm and felt much better than the ice cold lake.

Me and andrew at the river, after a three mile hike on the beach. I was tired!

The river flows right into lake michigan. (river is on the bottom of the picture. lake at the top)

Family photo before going out to dinner

took a FEW photos at dinner

Yep. it was cold enough to wear a fleece jacket!

After dinner, we had a bonfire on the beach

And celebrated Melissa’s birthday (brothers gf) with cake!!

There were a few nights were we played games like Catch Phrase

The next day we took a boat ride on crystal lake and went swimming

We also took A LOT of family photos

Also went on a HILLY 26 MILE bike ride WHILE pulling andrew

well im off to bed. Ill have more pictures tomorrow!

Question for you:

In in your family takes the most pictures?

for me that would be a tie between my mom, and two uncles. but we always have a ton of pictures from each family event, which I love!


well its official Im back in St Louis….and sad Im not looking at this tonight


after traveling 10 hours yesterday in the car, unpacking, checking on my house, and jumping UP and DOWN for a good 20 minutes BECAUSE MY COUNTERTOP IS IN!!!!

……I then had to get ready for work today. I know. Working the day after you get back from vacation, not cool. But I have my reasons.

I hope to catch everyone up soon on the vaca- it was a blast! Only bad thing, I can’t find my camers 😦

endless driving

Yesterday, we got the whole car packed up and ready to go!

We had an estimated time of leaving set at 8am. We ended up leaving at 845. Not bad for us haha

About 30 minutes later my mom says “This isn’t good. I haven’t yet remembered anything I forgot” hahaha Love her

We only had to stop once for a quick potty break, and then stopped again around 1 for lunch. Subway of course. and my GPS for this little park !

Of course my mom had to say “we are having moments in Momence”. OH LORDY

The park wasn’t too much, nothing for andrew to play on, but perfect for a picnic

Of course, we had to take some photos….


Insert more driving……and a stop at the Lighthouse Outlet Mall.

Can you see some of my family

They are right in the middle, sitting down.

After 8 hours of driving, we finally go to the hotel. And only ONE stressful incident when my mom yelled at me for trying to pass a car on a two lane highway. (this makes her EXTREMELY nervous)

The hotel wasn’t anything fancy, and the hallway was dark!

Time for dinner and then BED! I went to bed 9:30 st louis time! I did all the driving, so im beat!


Question for you:

where do you eat when you go on vacation?