Sand, Sun, and feeling at home

After driving to Mississippi, it was time to make it to the beach!

First, we made it through my favorite underwater tunnel in Mobile Alabama


After sitting in HOURS of traffic, we FINALLY made it!!!

We unpacked the car, and headed to the beach!!! Riding in our OWN sweet golf cart


(weird angle of me, but my nephew’s face is awesome!)

on the way!




I am officially home 😉

Some of My favorite pictures


IMG_1612 IMG_1611

don’t worry, still more to come!


Question for you:
What is your favorite place to visit?



The start of the road trip

Hey everyone! It is so good to blog again, but was great to take a week break…if that makes sense….

Anyway, Andrew and I are home from the beach. It was AMAZING!!! I REALLY want to go back. Well I didn’t want to come back at all haha.

I hope you enjoy all the amazing recipes while I was gone haha. But now I need to catch you up on the trip 🙂


Rewind to Monday morning, when my dad, Andrew, and I headed out of town at 5AM!!! eek. It really wasn’t too bad, but I made sure to have my gas station coffee

old photo

The trip was pretty uneventful. We found a nice park to have lunch

And Andrew was able to play and run around

Later that afternoon, he announced that it was time for a nap, and then slept for 2 hours!

I drove almost the whole way, so I only have these two pictures of the USS Alabama

And the tunnel through Mobile

We FINALLY arrived around 7pm, and had subway for dinner, went for a walk on the beach, and then passed out!

to be continued…