Staying Busy

Things have been a bit crazy and a little bit of a roller coaster over here.

due to my tears, I tried to stay busy, and my mom was a big help

It was in the 80s here in st louis!!! So I took the beautiful weather as an opportunity to attack the back yard

This is the only backyard BEFORE picture I could find…

I took out all the wood, and started leveling the ground.

And I did it all by myself! YEA for strong ladies!! (covered in dirt haha)

My mom, Andrew, and I all went shopping at the GAP outlet. I got two pairs of pants and vest for me.

Andrew’s vest is green. doesn’t it look about my size?!?!! geez. he is getting so big

Question for you:
What are you doing this weekend?

What do you do to stay busy?

Heart on my pillow

Today was just another day at work. It went well except I ate everything in sight. I just can’t get it together. yet I still have this cycle.

Eat bad. guilt. exercise. eat better. sleep better. eat bad again. (WHY!!!!)

ANYWHOOOOO moving on to happy news!

I came home to find this cut out heart from Andrew on my pillow. He is the best six year old!

I also saw this on FB and thought it was appropriate.

Question for you:

How did you spend your Monday?

I’m looking forward to Tuesday night… night!

LOVE or HATE Valentine’s day?