What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast: Protein Pancake and bacon


Snack: cashews

Lunch: Sam’s Rotisserie chicken + cauliflower mashed potatoes. It tastes like thanksgiving!


Snack: Pear, almond butter


Dinner: Sausage, potatoes, and peppers


Dessert: Paleo roll and paleo morning glory muffin


WAYYYYY too many carbs today. might need to only make the rolls OR the muffins haha

Question for you:

What was the last thing you ate before you went to bed?

What I ate Wednesday

After yesterday’s serious post,

Today it was all about the snacks, and thats ok in my book!

Breakfast: Egg Mcmuffin. Seriously, this is the bomb. (and they leave me full FOREEVVERR)


And speaking of bombs, photo bomb by Andrew haha


Lunch was super quick, because I was starving!!! Cauliflower mash potatoes and sausage


Snack: cashews, dates, and pears and almond butter

P1080278 P1080275

Dinner was small because the snacks were heavy. So I had meatballs


and then morning glory muffins for dessert 🙂 Andrew loves them too!


Might need to make a double batch next time…..

I also tried this new recipe for lunch/dinners for the next few days 🙂


Question for you:

When you are really hungry, what do you grab?

What is usually the largest meal you eat?

Meal preparation

Today was the day, to get prepared for the days ahead. I work the next 3 out of 4 days, 12 hour shifts. Which means I have to have food ready and handy, because when I get home at 8pm, it isn’t going to happen.

I usually make two types of meat (steaks, meatballs, burgers), a few vegetables, and of course…morning glory muffins.

I know I talk about the muffins constantly, but as a nurse you don’t always have 30, 20, or even 10 minutes to eat. I need something that I can grab and go, but gives me energy for hours. (unlike the candy bowl in the dieticians office that only gives me energy for about 10, and then I fall even harder when my sugar drops. no.good.)

So for the next few days, I made what was already on hand (I hate wasting food)

I had the oven going for a few hours, but I got everything cooked and ready to go. First up, was morning glory muffins


Then I baked some potatoes and zucchini with some olive oil, and baked an acorn squash


All ready to go for the next couple of days!


I know that if I have healthy food handy, I don’t turn to the cookies and ice cream that can be around. One day I should do a blog about the crap junk food that I see just in ONE 12 hour shift.

Question for you:

Do you make your lunch to take with you to work/school/run errands?

what is your quick and easy snack?

-I also bring cashews with me and an apple/pear

What I ate Wednesday

Another day of eats! Andrew and I were pretty low key since he was home sick with strep. Unfortuantly, I eat way more when I’m home bond and bored, but I didn’t do to bad.

Breakfast: Protein Pancake


(I need to find a new breakfast haha)

Lunch: 1/2 panera fuji salad + veggies


Snack: morning glory muffins


(times a million.)

Dinner: other 1/2 of salad + pieces of steak


I know it doesn’t look like it, but I really did eat a lot of those morning glory muffins. On top of that, I didn’t get a chance to workout since Andrew was sick. But I know tomorrow will be better.

Since Andrew isn’t feeling good (and his tonsils are so swollen they are almost touching) he had a nice treat of ice cream with chocolate chips


Hoping he feels better soon ❤

Question for you:

What do you order when you go to panera?

Any breakfast ideas?

Confession and challenge

Before I get to the challenge, I just have a few things to share for my day.

It all started with a good ab workout



I really liked this, although it wasn’t the hardest workout that I have found (yup. I want something more difficult!)

I have another confession: I am obsessed with morning glory muffins


I make a batch each week haha

Now for the challenge.


I have decided to take this challenge in october! Now I just have to decide if I should put it on the frig or in my room as a reminder. Does anyone want to do this with me?

Question for you:

Is there a food you eat/make each week?

Do you want to do the challenge with me!?!? keep eachother accountable 🙂

The good and the bad


Today started off with an amazing bike ride! (even Andrew rode his bike to school!)


I had my bike tune up at Big Shark, and it looks and rides amazingly smooth!


I came home and my kitchen sink was clogged. So I call my handyman Dad, and the pipe is clogged in the wall and it flooded part of my kitchen


It is a mess


The amazing cookies that my cousin made for Andrew


Are they not amazing?!?!


Waiting by the phone all day waiting to hear if the twins are on their way!!!


Unfortuantly…… my sister in law is having contractions, but nothing to bring those stubborn babies!


My kitchen still looks awesome with my Trader Joe’s Flowers


They make me happy


Paying bills and going through this mess


Luckily, I made a good dent in the diaster

But on a happy note, we have morning glory muffins for tomorrow!


I hope everyone is having a great week!

Question for you:

What is something good that is going that is going on with you?

Paleo Recipes!

Well I guess the stress has finally caught up with me. Today I took Andrew to school, and then slept till 11. I mean I can NEVER do that. I usually can only sleep till 6:30 haha.
I told myself, that I would just lay down for an hour. But my body had other plans. Even when I woke up, I didn’t feel like 100%. BLAH

After running a few errands, like getting my bike a good tune up! I head home to relax and look up new recipes!

Last week, I was eating really well, but I need to start branching out! Eating the same things will just result in me eating the “wrong” foods.

I found some new recipes that I wanted to share with you!

– I have made these muffins before (tiffany always has the best recipes!)


I know that these are all paleo, and though I don’t eat 100% paleo, I try each day to each has “natural” as possible. When I do, I have more energy, sleep better, and my belly is thankful too

Question for you:

What is your favorite recipe these days?

Have you ever tried eating more natural/paleo?


Surviving Four in a Row

HOLY MOLY! The past four days in the NICU were a bit rough. I sat for maybe a few minutes here and there, thank goodness for morning glory muffins, chobani, and planning ahead!


Unfortuantly, with no time even to cut an apple, I did shovel eat some candy on Tuesday. I haven’t been that busy in awhile, so today, I took it easy.

cat nap

I didn’t workout. I didn’t leave the house except to read at Andrew’s library class, and pick him up from school. I am now off for FIVE DAYS with him! I missed him so much, since he is asleep by the time I get home (I haven’t seen him since Friday- just chats on the phone

me and andrew

This weeks workout plan:

  • Thursday: Small circuit than yoga with annie
  • Friday: still up in the air..
  • Saturday: PIYO class at the gym
  • Sunday: spin class

Even though the four shifts were difficult, I still stayed healthy (except for the candy on Tuesday) Thanks to extra planning! I’m hoping for a weight lose this week. Today, my body was in FULL recovery mode. Eating more and lots of rests.

Question for you:

What is your workout plans for the week?

(feel free to send me a kick in the booty to get moving!)

Cooking up a storm (recipes!)

With four 12 hour shifts ahead of me, I had to get planning for lunch and dinners. After picking Andrew up from school, I got to cooking…


What a mess!


no counter space left…haha


Here are a few things I have made the past two days, and I feel I am FINALLY ready for work 😉


More Morning Glory Muffins (yep. they are gone already haha)


Paleo Banana Bread from civilizedcavemancooking.com


I also bought Chobani! I haven’t had them in awhile, and I can’t wait to try out the new flavor!

Question for you:

What is your favorite greek yogurt?

How do you prepare for work meals?

Lots of eatin’

Today was a great day! I hope everyone else had a good one too

Andrew started out with pancakes, while I had eggs, bacon, and morning glory muffin (they are going to be gone by tomorrow!) (muffins here too!)


I then I headed to the gym!!! 30 minutes on the bike and 20 min of weights

My other favorite food right now is my green monster


Dinner was a new recipe! That I will post this weekend (more veggie hiding)


There is also a new dessert recipe coming!


Question for you:

What is something you ate today?

Do you have a favorite food right now?