Happy Mother’s Day

I hope each and everyone of you had a great Mother’s Day. Whether you are a mom, a mom to be, or just celebrating your mom, I hope you all enjoyed the day.

My day started out with cartoons with Andrew, breakfast and then church. And some gifts from Andrew 🙂


I ❤ you to pieces


After that we hit the ground running, first to Home depot for sand paper, and then to get my mother’s day gift. A baseball glove!


Andrew has been pitching for one of his baseball teams, which means we practice. EVER. NIGHT. I didn’t have a glove, but now I do! It was the perfect gift!

We then went to kickboxing. I bought a 2 week groupon, and I am hooked! I love the class. It goes by so fast, and I get a great workout. I can also bring Andrew with me and he can hang out and see me working out, which I think is great for kids to see! So glad I went 🙂

Later, we headed to my parents. My mom helped Andrew pick out this bracelet, which was exactly my style!


The day ended at my parents house with my brothers, sister in laws, and nephews and nieces for dinner and lots of laughs. It was a great day 🙂

Question for you:
How did you spend your mother’ day?




Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I hope you are all having an amazing day with family or celebrating. I am unfortuantly at work 😦 But I have this post ready to show you a special (and inexpensive) gift that my sister in law and I made for my mom and grandma.

First, I had to get some poster board and permeant marker to make a few letters….

We then took a few pictures when we went strawberry picking

A few frames later, we have the finished product!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Grandma!!!

(this idea was found on pinterest and this website)

Question for you:
What are you doing for mother’s day?

What is your favorite memory of your mom or grandma?

-My grandma used to take care of me when I was younger, we lived just four houses down the street from her. I have memories of grilled cheese sandwiches, and playing “town” with my cousins. Someone was the dentist, another was the teacher, my brother was even the town cat haha. My grandmother is a very strong, kind, and intelligent woman. I hope to one day follow in her footsteps.

Hello world!

I have missed you blog friends!!

But I have been one BUSY BUSY lady!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT! I bought a house!!!

Ive been running around like a mad women buying stuff.
(ok really MOST of it was fun haha)

Then I met my ex fiancee’s new girlfriend. And its been rough.

I didnt know she was going to be at my son’s baseball game. I ended up crying on Friday night for a good two hours.

(thats my mom and dad in their younger days! arent they good lookin? haha)

Then it was mother’s day!! I had a great day, except I woke up sick and unable to breath through my nose. No good.

But I did get an awesome card!

The inside was the best part!

My mom is46 years old. (Im really 25 haha)

My mom’s favorite food is mushrooms (true but I LOVE ice cream )

My mom’s favorite job is being a nurse (VERY true. except for being a full time mom)

My mom’s favorite TV show is the weather (I dont watch much tv, but when there is a tornado, Im ALL over that!)

Mom likes when I hug her (of course!)

My mom cooks the best macaroni and cheese (I do make a mean dish of mac and cheese haha)

I like to help my mom clean (good bud. cuz we have a WHOLE house to keep clean)

I like to go to Target with my mom (Ive created a monster)

My mom looks pretty when she has her purple dress on (it is my favorite! You can also see the picture of me in my purple dress in his card!)

I know my mom loves me because she kisses me (I love giving kisses)

I love my mom because she gets me legos (the boy does like legos haha)


I hope you all arent mad that I have been MIA.  Ive been throwing myself into the house. First to stop thinking about the ex, and to get my house looking B.E.A. utiful.

I have also been sick the past two days and have been living on this!

Question for you:

What is your favorite food when you are sick?