A perfect Sunday with a hula hoop

I can not tell you how happy I am. It is Sunday evening, and I sitting here so content. I know that sounds strange to say, but a few weeks ago, I did not feel that way. But today was SO different…

Andrew and I both slept in till 8 or so. Just how I like Sundays to start. I of course started with coffee


And a new coffee recipe! This is a pumpkin spice latte recipe from civilized caveman

Next up, getting Toby 🙂 He just always makes my day. And the fall weather 😉

P1080328(Toby is a baby I watched for a week over the summer, and I still see him every week. I absolutely adore him. So we had him for the day!)

We headed to Mount Pleasant Winery with a few members of my family. It was such a pretty day

P1080329 - Copy P1080331

There were some hula hoops handy…

P1080341 P1080347 P1080351

Andrew got really good and had a competition with my cousin

We had so much fun! And I love being with Andrew and Toby, it is the perfect day. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Question for you:

What would be included in your perfect day?

Memorial Day Bike Ride

Today was HOT! but my family woke up early to get to the Katy Trail.

The trail is 237 miles across Missouri. My family drove to Mason, MO and we hopped on our bikes

We rode 6 miles to lunch which just happened to be at a gorgeous winery!

The view was AMAZING and the weather (even though it was hot) it was so nice in the shade.


I want to get married here!

For lunch, I had a blueberry pecan salad with some cheese and french baquette.

For dessert I had some peanut M&MS.

Then it was back on the bike trail!

I had to pull this guy AND his lego book the whole way haha

We go tback around 1pm, I went to straight to my house to put my bed together.

Painted the gosh darn cabinets. And put up my son’s curtains. after ironing them 😦

(pictures to come!)

At 6pm I was starving!! And it was the perfect summer dinner!

Burger. Watermelon. Corn. Potato slices.

For desesrt we had ice cream sundaes. ANNNNNDDD I ate mine so fast, I forgot to take a picture. My bad!


Question for you:

If you could make a perfect ice cream sundae, what would you put on there?

-Tonight I had vanilla ice cream with health bar crunch and whip cream. DELICIOUS