Hangin’ w/ Drew

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

I hope you had a good one. Mine was up and down, so I’m hitting the hay early to get a good amount of sleep, and hopefully tomorrow I feel better.

But the day ended w/ a park visit w/ Andrew to learn how to skateboard (for him haha) He actually did pretty good. We then had some dinner. I had salmon and green beans

And a HUGE dessert bar ­čÖé While watching Puss and Boots. Loved the movie. Had kid humor and laughs for the adults too. Pick it up at Redbox!

Question for you:

how did you spend your Saturday?


Sleep Over

yesterday, while painting the SECOND coat on the trim for my kitchen, I got a great idea to have a sleep over at the new house!

 This would be our FIRST night there

First, we got some grub.

I got an oldie but goodie. Black bean soup and fugi chicken salad from Bread Co

Next up, a movie of course ( you know how andrew and I love movie nights!)

Dont worry. He did come sit by me ­čÖé we werent able to finish all of Toy Story 3, but thats ok we have already seen it a million times. Then it was time for him to go to bed

Since, I dont have cable┬áor internet (hence no post last night. Need to get on that….)

I decided to have a glass of wine, in a VERY fancy cup, and watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I had a FEW choices ­čśë I ended up going with the St. James blackberry (2nd from the Left)┬áwhich is DELICIOUS!

It ended up being a great night, except for the million noises I have now found my house makes when its dark

and its just me and andrew haha.


-kitchen: do you see that ugly blue countertop in the picture above??? well the COUNTERTOP WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!! Im so excited!!!! No more blue countertop. After that gets put in, and the sink hooked up- ITS MOVE IN TIME!!

-Ian: not much of an update here. I know that a lot of you are excited/worried for me. I completely understand. If my friend came and said what was going on (after ALLLLLL that happened) I would be the same way. But I will say, things are different. I get a text/call from him each day. And always asking how my day went. This is a big change from well, hardly ever being asked. So we will see!

-weight lose: So Im officially down 4lbs! wahoo! Im just going to keep going. I went to the gym yesterday (its been two weeks. I think I forgot how to use the treadmill haha) but running felt AMAZING and I did some weights too. Tonight is Yoga. Which I also havent been to in two weeks, life just got CRAZY!

Question for you:

Whats an update in your life?

I stink

Trust me, Ill explain the title. Now for the eats

Breakfast was yummy pancakes. I was going to take a picture…..then a couldnt find my camera (insert a lot of panic)

┬áLuckily, I found it in my purse….not so lucky, that I ate it all before I found it haha

It was then time for the post office. Party City. Target.

I made cupcakes for my friends bachelorette party tomorrow.

Box of cake mix + 12 oz of diet soda= HEAVEN!

Then I will add cool whip on top tomorrow.

 The bachelorette party is in springfield IL. I am one of the bridesmaids. Here I am with the bride (in the orange) with two of the other bridesmaids.

After making cupcakes, it was time to make the bride’s cup for tomorrow.

This isnt the best picture. But I put hearts and different shapes around the top and bottom. Also a J (for the bride) and M (for the groom) I hope she likes it! I love doing projects like this!

All that fun work required some fuel. (even though I snacked all morning on cashews

They are the devil!

Then lunch consisted of ONLY orange (and yummy foods)

 cantaloupe, colby cheese, and sweet potato fries
Dinner I went all brown. A bowl of cereal. Boring.
THEEENNNNNNNN it was movie night with Andrew

I had a glass of wine and 100 cal popcorn, while he had mini chips ahoy (LUCKY)

——————————————————————————————-SOOOO back to the title.

Basically I feel like I stink, not in a BO sense, but a failure to myself…

. I am not happy with whats going on right now with my body. I have absolutely no energy. Today just running a few errands, totally kicked my butt. I never use to be this way! I use to run/bike for miles EACH day. I would take break days, but I ALWAYS got back to it. I dont know if its the meds Im on, the lack of sun Ive been getting, hormone problems, or just plain laziness.

this was a year ago

 Today I figured out my calories on sparkpeople.com (which I love) and it was almost 2000 calories! WHAT! I dont know what my deal is. I eat. Dont exercise. Cant Sleep.

I know I am stressed about my soon to be house. But I have these clothes……

(my closet is NOT this clean right now)

……………………………………………………………………………………………….nothing fits.

I have gained 30lbs in the past 6 months. My booty looks like two basketballs. I jiggle. I hate looking in the mirror. I have a wedding next month that I have to wear my dress and feel good about it! I dont want to go out because when I have to find something to wear I get depressed.

I dont want to give up. I want to have a healthy body. I want to look in the mirror and think DAMN she looks good. (haha)

Ok enough debbie downer.

I guess I just need some help.

I dont know what else to say. Im actually tearing up while typing this.

Im lost.


Today I got to sleep in till 10 WAHOO! And Im so glad I did because spinning class KILLED my legs!

Before the gym I had two pieces of bread, better than PB and 1/2 banana

After spinning, I had breakfast/lunch. Two eggs, red peppers, and american cheese with a side of clementine and other 1/2 banana

I then was feeling EXTREMELY dehydrated, so I made a green monster

Dinner was chicken, pasta sauce, mushrooms, and red peppers w/ side strawberries

My son and I then had a movie night

(evil trail mix)

  • Question for you:

1.) If you could have a movie night, what movie would you choose?

2.) Have you ever had a green monster, and what did you put in it?