Mom and me + elf 4 health

Today, I start the Elf4Health challenge which runs from 11/25-12/22. Along the way, you  gain an elf friend for 2 weeks, and then switch up and get a new elf for the last 2 weeks. Their are daily challenges, the support of a fellow elf, AND prizes along the way! I know I mentioned it was free. (and you can still sign up for the last two weeks if you are looking for some challenges and accountability!)

challengesquare edited 1 Elf For Health 2013

Today is GO MEATLESS. Trying this while on the paleo diet has been a bit difficult, but I am trying to get in my protein in other ways!

Tomorrow is unsubscribe to unwanted junk mail. I am really excited about his! Cleaning things up is a favorite “hobby” of mine (says only type A personalities haha)

I plan to keep you guys updated along the way. And you guys are welcome to keep me on track as well 🙂


If we rewind to Sunday, you will see a fun filled Andrew and mommy day. It started with church (and starbucks!)

We then drove out to sky zone again. I guess we are hooked!

Andrew wanted to just jump by himself (which he later regretted when he asked me repeatedly to join him). Afterwards we went looking for lunch. I wanted to eat a new place and not a fast food joint.


This led us to a bar and grill called Mr Lucky’s. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this place for future visits. I think it is a great place for buddies to meet for a few beers and to watch the twenty TVs that they have. It was smoky and a little outdated. The food was typical bar food (but not that impressive) BUT our waitress was EXTREMELY nice.

So a small bust for finding a new place, but at least we tried!

The rest of the day was spent lounging at home and watching Too Cute. Still not a lot of house work getting done, but what ya gonna do haha

Question for you:

Do you eat at the same restaurants or tend to branch out?