Giggles before the MRI

After an early morning trip to the hospital, for my very first MRI, I went to visit a graduate NICU patient.

cool paper clothes haha
cool paper clothes haha

He has been out of the NICU over a year, and I still visit at least every week, just love that little guy. I also LOVE his foster mom. Who listened to me, and was supportive when I just started bawling when I walked in the door. I guess I was trying to be strong, and not deal with the stress and it hit me all at once. Can’t wait to hear the results!!

(rewind to Thursday night)

Since my test was early enough that I had to be awake at 5:30am, and be there at 6, Andrew spent the night at my parents. And then the laughs began……..

My nephew is such a hoot and LOVES the BLUES


My parents dog, Riley, apparently does as well haha140227_001


My dad being silly…


I will say these laughs, talking to several friends about my worries/concerns helped lifted my spirits. My dad is retired, but he was an CT tech at a hospital here in St Louis, and talked with a few of his buddies who told me not to worry. This “fat mass” on the kidneys are common and it is probably something I had since birth.  Here’s to praying its fat! haha

Question for you:

Who is the goofiest person in your house?

Benign mass or cancer? CT results

So I wrote some of this post on Monday, after finding out the results of my CT scan. But because of a little bit of stress, I decided to wait and get some sleep before posting. So here goes nothing…..


First, we will start with the good. At fridays weigh in, I was really frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed with the weight gain. I talked it out with Tiffany and Angela who reminded me that I need to get more strength training with heavy weights. That the cardio, that I have been pushing my body to do, is actually increasing my cortisol level (just like stress) which affects my body in a HUGE way.

So this weekend, I went to good o’ pinterest, and found a great weights workout, which just so happens to be from Angela’s blog haha. I did this at home. yep. My first AT HOME WORKOUT in about a year haha.

not heavy weights, but that's all I have at home. It did the trick!
not heavy weights, but that’s all I have at home. It did the trick!

I turned up the tunes on my computer and got right to work. Even though I don’t usually push myself as much as I do at the gym, I did feel alittle sore the next day. yea muscles!



On the other, not so happy news. I received the results back for both my GI capsule and CT scan. I know it has been awhile since I had these, but I wanted to wait to have all the info to report it all to you 🙂

So my GI capsule study, showed a small polyp in my duodenum which is not emergent but will need to be removed. I was worried about that, until I received my CT results today. while at work. (note to self: never call for results while at work) The report showed that I have a mass on my right kidney, which could be the cause of some of my GI issues. We are optimistic that it will just be a fatty (benign mass) and not anything serious

Good news:  We are starting to get results on what might be going on with my silly belly

BAD news: there is a mass on my kidney haha

Interestingly enough last week, I wished we would find something (not big) on the CT so that we could have some answers and move forward. Now, I wish we didn’t haha. I have been in contact with my GI nurse, who is AMAAAZIINNNGGGG. she has been talking to me all day. Hopefully the mass is benign and just a fatty mass (isn’t that nice). Which apparently is very common in older women. I’m only 28! haha.

Moving forward, I will have an MRI on Friday to get a better look at the tissues and what this darn thing is made of. Everyone pray for fat. (I don’t think I will ever ask for that again haha) This will mean FIVE WEEKS in a row of being NPO and having a procedure one day each week. I’m over being NPO haha

Luckily, after work on Monday (and getting the news) I headed to my parents, who are both in the medical field, and they had me laughing in no time. So today, I am trying to stay busy and just go with the flow. Just not think about it right?!?! Thinking positive thoughts 🙂

Off to the gym to lift some weights 🙂

Question for you:

Have you ever had to have an MRI? How was it? (if you don’t mind sharing)

(sorry this post was soo long, could have had two posts instead. my bad)