Gym personalities

Today, started out SLOOWWLLY.

Andrew spent the night at his dad’s house, so I slept trying to catch up on sleep (the night before I only got 3! eek!)

Unfortuantly, I’m still sick. Mono.Strep. Sinus Infection. Who knows! but Im going w/ the last. Might need to get on antibiotics.

I didn’t get out of bed till10!! It was awesome! Then my favorite breakfast and then Andrew’s basketball game

I then made it to the gym. Where I noticed there are a wide range of personalities at the gym. I only noticed this because their was this one 20-something year old walking around with some pretty big arm muscles, sleeveless shirt, just walking around. UMMM. dude. what are you doing?!?! He would do a few reps then walk around checking out everyone else. how does he get such big arms well looking at everyone else?!?!

EWWW is this even real?!?!!?

Then there are others who just keep their heads down and don’t talk to anyone (this is pretty much me. except when the older men start talking to me haha) Of course, there are also girls who have more makeup on that I have worn my whole¬†life and just talk on their cell phones will walking on the treadmill. (they bother me haha)

Anywho, has anyone else noticed these types of personalities at the gym???

Well I’m going out w/ some girls from highschool.

How is everyone else’s weekend?

Are there any gym personalities you see? That annoy you?