Time to bring in the big guns

Yesterday was day two of tearing the bathroom apart demolition. I spent most of my day covered in dust (no those are just extremely white legs haha)

But I look pretty good in my yellow googles 🙂

I just noticed, My thumb looks like a beat it with a hammer!!! Ok. I might have hit it a few times…….

We made a lot of progress yesterday

 Day three, we have a new tool to help us! My dad used the “mini” jackhammer (that weighed 11 lbs!!!)

We got ALL the walls taken down. The floor tile. and the concrete underneath.

I was  either cleaning, or taking heavy crap stuff to the dumpster. There is dust everywhere!!!!!

This is the kitchen fan!

(for a neat freak, I was stressin’)

Luckily, my parents had us over for dinner and dessert 🙂

Question for you:

Are you a neat freak, go with the flow, or just like things in their place?

-I actually like things more in their place than completely clean.