working the days away

The past two weeks have been crazy. ExaMple:

  • Monday: work
  • Tuesday:work
  • Wednesday: work
  • Thursday: laundry, grocery store,cook, clean, community group
  • Friday: work
  • Saturday:work
  • Sunday:work
  • Monday:work
  • (Today )Tuesday: cook, clean, workout,nap,hang out with a drew
  • Wednesday :work
  • Thursday: off work!!!!
  • Friday: on call
  • Sat and sun: off work!!

As you can see, i have been working an awful lot. Not only to help my uNit at the hospital out, But also to pay for a few tHings around the house. Like a new furnance and new tires on my car.


All things that need to be repaired before winter. Now to find fun things to spend it on! Haha

Even though i was away from andrew wayyyyy too much we talked everyday and he came to visit me at work. He had lunch with In the cafeteria. Like our own little mini date


And then when i came home I had the prettiest flowers and card. It was very sweet. 20141012_194755apparently these were “go cardinals” flowers that were sold at the store here in st louis haha. Loved his picture


Then today, I walked him to school. Something we havent done in two weeks. Best part of the day for sure.

So even though work has taken me from andrew, I know that it will help us in the future 🙂 and im off this weekend!

Question for you:

What is the last big thing you Bought?

Do you have trouble spending money on yourself?

The good and bad kept me away

Hi everyone!!! I had no idea it has been 3 weeks since I have been here! I took a LONNNGGG break. There are of course MANY reasons while i have been away, but the main was I needed a break.

With everything that has happened so far this year, I wanted to unplug. There was also SO many things I wanted to do at home, with Andrew, and with myself, that the blog fell to the wayside.


We had a furry visitor who was dropped on my hands in the middle of the night by our cat May May


My dad came over that morning and we released him outside. He was much cuter outside!



I also have gone back to work full time. It has been a rough transition, since I am still getting my strength back. But on a positive note, I am SOOOOOO happy to be back. I have missed all my coworkers and the babies so much. ❤ NICU


I also had this amazing “friend” visit outside the window at work


On a not so happy note, I was in a car accident last week.


Luckily, everyone was ok . But the person who hit me who’s fault it was, does not have insurance, so I have to pay for some of it 😦


I also had another doctors visit while I was away. I did need to be put under, but no incisions and I was able to go home that day.


It all went great and I am just now being followed 🙂


Andrew and I are finally back at the pool~


this is him going down the FAST slide! There is just something about being out in the sun that makes me happy


I know there has been so much going on, I am sure I forgot some things on here, but I promise amanda I will be around more now!

Question for you:

What is something big (or not so big) that is going on for you the past few weeks?


5 years!

This week I received a letter from work saying congrats for reaching an anniversary milestone at the hospital.

P1070731 P1070733

I still can’t believe I have been there for 5 years! It has gone by so fast!!

(my first day in the NICU)


So here are some of the goodies I can choose from.

Lets start with the goofy ones………

74350 74666

waffle maker, just for holly!
waffle maker, just for holly!

And these are some that I am considering

if only I had a smart phone.....
if only I had a smart phone…..


this is the one Im leaning towards
this is the one Im leaning towards

So which should I get?!?!?!

Question for you:

How long have you been at your current job?

What was your most favorite job?

-I was a swim couch for years before I graduated from college. I had so much fun

Surviving Four in a Row

HOLY MOLY! The past four days in the NICU were a bit rough. I sat for maybe a few minutes here and there, thank goodness for morning glory muffins, chobani, and planning ahead!


Unfortuantly, with no time even to cut an apple, I did shovel eat some candy on Tuesday. I haven’t been that busy in awhile, so today, I took it easy.

cat nap

I didn’t workout. I didn’t leave the house except to read at Andrew’s library class, and pick him up from school. I am now off for FIVE DAYS with him! I missed him so much, since he is asleep by the time I get home (I haven’t seen him since Friday- just chats on the phone

me and andrew

This weeks workout plan:

  • Thursday: Small circuit than yoga with annie
  • Friday: still up in the air..
  • Saturday: PIYO class at the gym
  • Sunday: spin class

Even though the four shifts were difficult, I still stayed healthy (except for the candy on Tuesday) Thanks to extra planning! I’m hoping for a weight lose this week. Today, my body was in FULL recovery mode. Eating more and lots of rests.

Question for you:

What is your workout plans for the week?

(feel free to send me a kick in the booty to get moving!)

5 of the last 6

Today was a little bit of a break. The previous three days I worked, and now I will work the next two. So today was catch up with laundry, cleaning, and trying to be lazy. (It didn’t work. working 5 out of 6 days is a little rough)



But I wanted to tell you about the evil lurking around the NICU



They are everywhere!!!

At home, I don’t have cookies, cake, pizza, etc lying around, but when I go to work, it finds me!


This past weekend, there were cookies at a lecture during lunch, and then there were donuts on Sunday. I defiantly  wanted a few bites!

I decided instead to pop in a piece of gum, and read from my nook it did the trick! WAHOOO!!

gum wall

(I didn’t take the piece off this wall..haha)

Question for you:

What is your trick for staying away from certain foods?

How was your weekend?

I survived

Well. It’s official. I survived my six 12 hour shifts in the NICU.


Unfortuantly, it wasn’t that great and included several difficult days. First, with the babies, and then with the rest of this week.

To lift my spirits, pizza and wine with ALL of Andrew’s pumpkins haha

I hope ALL my blogging buddies and their families are ok on the East Coast. Here in the NICU, we were talking about how they had to evacuate their NICU babies. I can’t imagine!

Question for you:

Red or white wine?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Pigs can Fly

Last week I did the unthinkable. I think hell froze over and pigs began to fly, because I went running before work!!!!

from sept 9

Now I know to a lot of people, thats not a big deal. To me, its big. Over the past few years, I went from working out in the evenings (ie. when I was in college and didn’t wake up till 11 or later). Nowadays, I have to work out in the morning or for the most part, it won’t get done.

I tried to work out after work, but that didn’t last. After waking up at 5:45, dragging myself out of bed, getting to work, and handing 12 hours in the NICU, well, sometimes energy was short to come by. (and I really hated changing from scrubs to workout clothes, I’d rather be in my PJs haha)

Anyway, back to running. My friend Denise at work gets up every morning before work. She can even get 6 miles in before our 7am shift. I think she gets up at 4 or some unknown hour. Bottom line: she is crazy and AWESOME!!!!!! jk She is an amazing runner, super fast, and even though she has had her fair share of injuries recently, she still seems to love it.

Last week, I put on facebook that I was going to go running at work. Andrew was at my parents for the night, and I just thought, I’m going to do this! Well, it didn’t happen. I got a call at 11pm from my parents, my mom was having a serious asthma attack and they were possibly going to have to use her epi pen and take her to the ER. So no sleep for me.

Pinned Image

Then a few days later, I worked with Denise. I told her I was going to go running before work tomorrow. And if I told her I was going, then i would, because I wouldn’t want to let her down.  I went home from work, got everything ready for the next day, and went to bed at 8:45. hahah. yes I’m a grandma and go to bed REALLY early, but the 12 hour days can take it out of you.

 4:55 first alarm goes off. lay back down

4:57 Second alarm goes off. ROLLLLLLLLL my body out of bed and got dresssed.

5:02 Head outside. OH MY GOSH. it is still really dark. I hope no one jumps me

5:03 So where I am going to go? haha.

I ended up making a big loop around my house, sticking to the main streets. It really was dark! I finished almost 3 miles!

5:40 Shower

5:50 Dressed, breakfast (which I usually dont eat before work) and ice coffee- YUMMM

6:10 Time to check some blogs and then makeup

6:20 Off to work!

It really was an awesome experience. And even though I didn’t WANT to get out of bed that early, it felt great during the run and all day I felt alert (except around 5pm, I was ready to go home! haha)

Pinned Image