A Day in the life: baby mode

today I didn’t get 15,000 steps, but I still had another busy but fun day!

7 Am: Breakfast with Andrew


it looked like I was feeding an army haha

7:30 Andrew to school and grocery store

8:15 T25 workout. A sweaty gamma workout was exactly what I needed

9:00 My twin niece and nephew arrived


I watched them all day. We played. Went outside. They attempted to take a nap. Then we went on a short walk before picking up Andrew from school

3:00 homework with Andrew

4:00 Pam came to visit with her granddaughter stella who is 3 months old. Lots of babies in the house!

5:00 Went to help with the landscape at our church

6:00 dinner


7:00 Boy scouts

10:00 bed after putting Andrew to bed, and working on papers

Question for you:

What do you do to unwind or relax

-I like my naps. Im determined to take one on Thursday! haha

Some favorites…

Yesterday, I had a pretty awesome time with my niece and nephew. I also made it to the gym which was even better.After a four day hiatus, it was needed. I went with 30 min of elliptical and this workout.


My niece and nephew were with me for 8 hrs


This is what a milk coma looks like


One of My buddies



Then I got a new windshield!!


FINALLY! Goodbye 255 bucks haha


Justin also drew himself on the countdown to christmas



Christmas card is sent!

P1080687 P1080686~~~~~

ELF 4 Health: Healthy Protein Snack

A new favorite is protein pumpkin in a mug


Question for you:

What have you been up to?

What have you done for the last 8 hrs?