Weekly Workouts

I hate to start a blog on a negative, but I just have to say, I didn’t workout much at the end of the week because on Thursday (after working a 12 hr shift and going to the gym) I came home to find that a stranger had been in my house. Luckily, no one was home. So the past few nights I haven’t slept AT ALL. But, on a good note, I have been spending more time with this fellaP1070716b

P1070704  P1070717

This is my parents dog, who is staying with me because it makes me feel safe. He might not look vicious, but he is a pretty good guard dog.


ANywho…..on to the workouts!! I did really good at the beginning of the week 🙂

This week I was really feeling the workouts. I was also trying to be active with Andrew, and around the house. Working in the backyard works off a lot of calories!!!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 1 1/2 hrs of tennis with Andrew

Tuesday: Angela’s workout, back yard work

Wednesday: 30 min of tennis, back yard work

Thursday: 40 min elliptical (after 12 hr shift)

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Still four workouts in a week- I’ll take it!!!

Question for you:

Have you ever been involved with a break in or robbery?

-Why do people do that?!?! i just don’t get it, I guess I never will.

sugar coated

Dear candy,
I hate your stinkin' guts.
you make me vomit.
you are the SCUM between my toes. 
Love. Kristen

Yup today was one of those days.


This morning the whole city was awoken by tornado sirens and hail. I was one of them. Needless to say, sleep was not happening. Luckily, there weren’t any tornado sightings, and the house is intact.


But, we weren’t as lucky in the NICU.

Work started w/ a baby going to heaven. And two others not doing well. (and this was just in my area of 12 babies)

Needless to say, tension was high, along w/ emotions. And I was one of them.

So I ate candy. DARN YOU. haha

The past week or so, I have felt AMAZING. I don’t even think I have lost weight. But I have more energy, am happier, and I always find time to workout.

After today, when I ate my body weight in candy, I see why I need to stay away from this stuff.

But man, for 3.5 seconds…it taste SOOOOOO good haha

So tomorrow is another day in the NICU, and Im getting a jump start on getting back on track. My lunch is packed w/ healthy treats. I am also in bed already (yup. its 9pm) so I can get a good nights sleep.

For me…..no sleep=overeating. It happens everytime.

Well, I’m off to bed!

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Im one lucky lady to come home to this little guy 🙂

(he is the one in red if you can’t find him under all the stuffed animals haha)

Question for you:

Ever fallen off the wagon?? how do you hop back on?

Do you have a sweet or savory tooth?