Legos EvErYwHeRe

OH MY GOODNESS. If I step on ONE MORE lego, I might scream haha

So it was time for something new. Usually Andrew’s legos hang out in this large bin, that get dumped EVERYTIME he needs the very lego at the bottom…..


now the new lego bricks!


We got these from the container store, and they are helping!


And since we have a million legos, we need some more haha

Question for you:

Do you like to organize, or find you get overwhelmed just thinking about it?

Spring cleaning

I finally decided to CLEAN HOUSE! No it isn’t Spring, but it was WAY over do.

THIS was  the problem!


Too many clothes, not enough space.


Some of the clothes don’t fit, others were from my freshman year of college!!!!


I started with two HUGE containers with donate, keep, and a bag for trash


I ended up filling up both!



The closets are now OPEN and I fit in all the clothes in there!! Now I just need to find a place to donate the clothes….

Question for you:

Do you keep clothes longer than necessary?

Sunday things I found..

I have FINALLY been checking my gmail account, which has most of the new blogs I just started following, along with other randoms stuff.

I thought I would share:

– Losing motivation? How about some pinterest quotes on

-Broccoli Chicken Mac and Cheese from Iowa Girl Eats

– Time to get organized for Christmas! on iheartorganizing

-Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches from Peas and Thank you

-Paleo Italian Meatloaf from OMGPaleo

-And a chuckle to end the night

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?

Have you been watching the Wild Card Baseball Series?

(did you know the cardinals are still in? haha)

Nesting, empty nesting, or just organizing

No, I am NOT nesting. no baby on the way for me. And Andrew hasn’t grown up that quick to make it an empty nest. But I was on a cleaning/organizing rampage today! And if I would have started earlier, WHO KNOWS WHAT Would HAVE  HAPPENED!

First, I sent to Andrew with a hidden note in his lunch

And ice coffee for me ( I think that is where I got the energy for the cleaning spree)

It all started with the kitchen. The cabinet/food pantry was getting out of control. 

I couldn’t find anything!

First, I cleaned out the cabinet of everything. Wiped all the shelves.

And then reorganized with black containers I already had.


The Second organization task was easy. The multi-disciplinary drawer

After a little moving around

And then the third, and monster of a task. The hall closet. With every leftover, rejected thing that wouldn’t fit in the kitchen

What a nightmare! But I am loving it now!

Two great organization blogs I have found:

-Little Inspiration

I heart organizing

Question for you:

– Would you rather have things clean and shiny, or everything in its rightful place?

I have everything in its place. At one time, I couldn’t sleep unless everything was picked up off the floor and put away. I guess in case of a fire?!?!? !haha who knows!