First Bike Ride after Surgery

Andrew and I went on amazing bike ride this weekend. Know why it was so awesome? It was sunny, warm, and I was OUT of the house!


I have not been out for a bike ride since before the surgery. I have missed being out of the house and getting exercise at the same time.

We rode around the neighborhood for a few miles, then rode to have lunch with my cousin. We sat on the patio and had a nice lunch. All in all we rode a little over 5 miles. Afterwards, I was pretty tired, but it felt so great to get outside and moving!

It was a perfect Saturday 🙂

Question for you:

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

-for me, it is swimming (or just the beach haha)

Getting out of the house

WAHOOO some relief!!! My stomach is FINALLYYYY taking a turn for the better. The pain is gone. Just some pressure!!

Today, I decided to get out of the house!

I grabbed my fabulous shades

cool shades

My road ID (just because I’m not feeling 100%, and you never know what might happen when you bike on the roads)

I didn’t go fast. I didn’t even keep track of the miles. I just wanted to get outside. Because winners never quit 🙂

road ID

Question for you:

What is something you have done recently, that made you proud?

-I stopped having a pity party, and got my butt out the door. (I just hope my body isn’t mad tomorrow)