Runnin’ fool

Today was a rest day. After yesterdays 7.5 mile hilly run (where I almost died! haha), I decided today I would do intervals on the treadmill and complete the P90x core workout.

(remember when I said I was going to start P90x…in february. and again in march…haha)

Well…. last night I MAY have stayed up late watching the Cardinals win. So¬†today I took a two hour nap, and my legs just weren’t feeling intervals. They were really tight. I thought “No big deal. Ill just do the P90x”. (ohhhh silly me) This video was hard! My legs hurt. Now how do my legs hurt when doing the core DVD?!!?!?!

Well this guy is crazy

haha jk. He kicks butt!

After stretching forever , I went to try and get a fuel belt

This is the one I want. I found one at sports authority for 20 bucks. Worth it?

I also, ordered my road ID! I ordered mine here: I got pink of course ūüėČ

cant wait till it gets here!

(I got my road ID here! It was great and only cost me $15 because I had a groupon code to use. NICE!)

The saying I put on there: winners never lose.

Here are some fun ones I also found:

  • Run hard or walk home
  • you better read fast becouse i’m leaving you behind (this wouldn’t fit)
  • It hurts a lot less when you win
  • Everyone gets knocked down. Champions get back up
  • Running is a mental sport and we’re all insane.
  • In a world of give and take, give what it takes.
  • The faster you run, the quicker you get done.

Question for you:

Do you run (or workout) with a road ID or fuel belt?

What is your favorite running/workout motto?

P90X and St patrick’s Day Parade

My son  slept in till 8am!! wahoo!

¬†(im still tired though….I can’t sleep.¬† alot on my mind)

Breakfast was left over pancakes from yesterday- STILL SOOO yummy!

I KNEW I needed to get a workout in, but going to the gym meant my son would have to stay in the gym daycare and I hate doing that if I dont have to. So instead. I started P90X. Remember how I did the evaluation….a few weeks ago haha

Well I did the core exercise. And I was sweaty, but it wasnt as CRAZY¬† as I had heard. But then again—its only the first DVD I have done haha

I grabbed a pear and we headed to the

St. Patricks Day parade in downtown StLouis


I should have eaten a real meal and drank A TON of water, because I was SOOOO dehydrated. My bad.

the sea of green
my mom came as well!
me and my son

there were even eagles and owls!
My son trying to jump for beads haha
my son's favorite part-mustags
and after taking pictures of EVER car, this was his favorite haha. He doesn’t understand why I take all these pictures, but now he asks me to take pictures of EVERYTHINGGGGG. Including the free sodas we got!
yup...only tractors in a STL parade haha

Afterwards we went to lunch at schlafly’s brewery.We started out with pretzels…huge…amazing…and I had twoI ordered soup and salad, but I was full from pretzel and cheese, so only ate soup. But I drank AT LEAST 4 glasses of water and 2 diet pepsi. (dehydrated much?)

yummy cheesy beer soup

Back home we watched Toy Story

After clipping a million couple coupons for cleaning supplies, we headed to target!

I ended up saving 8 BUCKS! SCORE!
Dinner was a bowl of cereal, because bad news….. my tooth is starting to hurt again….boooo
Off to bed- work tomorrow and we lose an hour sleep. Double boo
Question for you:
 How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day?

P90X and Zumba


  • ¬†P90X RESULTS: will redo in 90 days! ¬†

    Heart Rate Day 1: 68

     Pull Ups Day 1: 20

     Pushups Day 1: 23

     Toe touch Day 1: + 3

    Wall squat  Day 1: 3 min 15 sec

    Bicep CUrls Day 1: 20 with 10lb weight

     In and Outs Day 1: 25

     HR MAX

    • ¬†

    • Immediate HR MAX 140¬†1 min HR MAX: 120¬†2 min HR MAX: 110¬†3 min HR MAX:¬† 90 4 min HR MAX: 70

       Heart Rate: resting

    Pull Ups: women should be able to do 1 pull up

     Vertical Leap

    Push Ups: 3 for female, 15 on knees


    Toe Touch: – if cant reach toes, + if past toes


    Wall Squat: For at least one minute

    Bicep Curls: at least 10 curls w/ 8lb weight females

    IN & OUTs: seated with hands on floor, knees bent, bring knees in and then out. Should do at least 25

    Heart Rate MAX: jumping jacks for 2 mins. Last 30 sec fast. Take HR

    Pull ups with machine. 145 lbs

    My mom also bought this! I cant wait to try them!

     Question for you:

     -What do you think of zumba?



The Good and the Bad

Well lets start with the bad. Just to get it out of the way.

Alll day I have been having very negative thoughts about myself. It started when i got dressed this morning for work. I am a NICU nurse, so scrubs are the uniform. And the pants….they BARELY fit. Now that wouldnt bother me too much, except 6 months ago I was in a size medium. Not these are large and I barely fit in them!!!!!!!

I have something (HORRIBLE) to admit. I have gone from 160ish lbs to 180s. Yep.I have gained almost 30 lbs. I think i know why, I started two new medications that increase weight. So Im going to talk to my doctor about it. but it still shouldnt increase that much! Right? 

¬†I dont like how I like. I looked in the mirrow this morning (with only a bra and my scrub pants on-ok too much info) But I thought- biggest loser (I know I saw the show last night) but my love handles were hanging over my pants. Im usually pretty “skinny” around the middle. and carry my weight in my butt and thighs. I couldnt stand the sight of it.

I have been working my BUTT off this past week. Running 7 miles. Taking spinning at the gym. Everyday I have pretty much done something. But NOTHING is happening.

ūüôā IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR THANK YOU_ On to the good!

I just received the P90X DVDs from my brother. He got them and is nice enough to share! YEA! So Im going to try and get rid of my negative thoughts after work by going to the gym or doing a DVD. ( also my AWESOME spark friends have suggested the P90X stretch dvd)

I really appreciate you all reading about my bad day. I just dont really know where to turn. I want to look in the mirror and feel good about myself, not think YUCK. But where do I go from here……….