What color do you think?

When it came to picking the front door color, I asked everyone what they thought! haha. I had a poll on this blog, and sent MANY text messages to friends and family asking what they thought.

But even on the ride to Home Depot, I was talking with my dad over the options.

The door looks great!

I can’t wait till it is paint and I can put the door knob in

Because this just isn’t working! haha

So the color final choices… Blue or Black???

And the WINNER!!!!!

Classic Black. I have to say, I love the door color now, so why change a good thing?

I started by cleaning it with denaturated alcohol. Next step priming the door!

I wish it came primed and painted, but not so lucky.

Question for you:

What are your plans for the weekend?

Red, Blue, Yellow, or Black

Today, I got a phone call from my dad, Home Depot called and my front door for the house just came in!!! Tomorrow we will go pick it up, and then I need to pick out a paint color. EEKKKK!!! After the birthday incident, the door hasn’t been the same.

Right now the door is black, as seen here

What do you think about the other colors:

Thanks to sherwin williams for their awesome website! You just download the picture and then select what you want to paint, then you insert the color. They aren’t EXACT colors, but you can get an idea of what it might look like.

Now I need your help!!!!

Question for you:

What color is your front door?

-my friends are all saying red, i’m leaning towards yellow…but who knows!

I am my mother’s daughter

SOOOOOOOO remember the bathroom and how I was painting it ALLLL last weekend.

Well, I changed the colors. I know. I know.
But I woke up today, and noticed why I loved the colors.

They look EXACTLY like Andrew’s room. Blue and tan.
The look I ORIGINALLY wanted was an off white with a blue grey accent wall. Kind of like this..

So it was back to the paint store. After several options later….I left with TWO blues and one white
Now this was before and after

Much better right?!?!!? Well in person it DEFINITELY is. I already have the approve from my dad and friend Annie. My younger brother Michael (who helps with ALL my projects) was not to happy when I texted him this morning I was changing the colors.

He is laying the tile tomorrow! Maybe he is afraid I will change my mind on that too. I guess anything is possible!

Question for you:
What is your favorite color?

-obviously mine is tan and blue haha. No really, I like pink a lot

What are you doing this weekend?

Before and After Pictures

 Nope. I didn’t fall off the end of the earth.

Ive been doing some painting and yard work, on top of working.



Then after work, I have been sanding and priming my kitchen.

AFter the sanding, before the primer!



So basically my days including:

– getting up at 545.

– Taking my son to daycare and getting to work around 645.

-Working till 730

-Painting kitchen till 11

– bed

Notice not much sleep in there?


I ALSO have an updated on the conversations I have been having with my son’s dad.p>

Anyone even care?? haha

Ok. Well we are now both singles and both talking. who knows what will happen, but I feel happy

I hope you all have been having a great week! More pictures to come- the yellow goes on the walls tomorrow!!!!



Just keep runnin’

ANother day of running around:

Breakfast was fast. Arnolds thin, PB, and banana

-Grocery store

-Bed bath and beyond


Then I went to my house and got started. I had to paint the second coat in my son’s room.

Warm Springs

It looks so good- now I just need to do the trim by the ceiling and its done.

That is not the case for the kitchen

This is my brother working on taking more of the ceiling and walls down. THERE ARE THREE LAYERS to come down!

Now that everything is taken down, we have to put it ALLLLL back up! haha

We also started working on sanding the cabinets. THen I am going to paint them an off white color

The “work room” AKA the garage haha

Then around 2 I needed to break for lunch. I had a turkey sandwich, lettuce, and tomato. With A MILLION fat free pretzels

 and colby cheese

Then it was time to relax. I went to get a pedicure and manicure with my mom. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

(while running out of the house I ate a warmed up pancake…yup. true story)

I am in a wedding this weekend so this was the perfect excuse reason to get it done!

Well after  A MILLION more pretzels. I NEEDED TO EAT ASAP!

I tried to put together my famous salad w/ jelly dressing…..but it just didnt hit the spot, so I threw it away (which I HATE throwing away food) and I made a favorite.

Yep. I had cereal for dinner. YUM


Question for you:

– Do you like to go to the spa or to get pedicures or manicures?

Its a Brick Housssee

Does anyone remember that song by the commodores? 


My son and I just danced to this song from Youtube haha

Anyway, here is my brick house!


On the day that I closed, family and friends came over to see the place!

We celebrated with some champagne and grape juice for my lil kiddo

My younger brother, his gf, with me and my son

Me and my mom after EVERYONE cleared out

So a little tour of the house(maybe ill do a video tour later!)

When you first walk in the door it is the living room

And to the right is the dining room

(that table isnt there anymore, it was just for the visitors to put their things on while touring the house!)

Then continue past the table, and you enter the kitchen. (which as we speak is completely torn apart)

crazy monkey

If you start back in the living room you can go through the door way on the left, it is the third bedroom.

But we will be using it as a family room (sorry thats probably complicated haha)

we call it the green room, because the carpet is nice, but not the best color……………

Then we go upstairs and to my room!

Andrew’s room is to the left….hes obviously excited hahaha

And then there is a full size bath upstairs

So that covers the house. Unfortuantly I dont have a picture of the back yard w/ a two car garage, or the basement.

Im not sure why. And these pictures are REALLY boring since there isnt any furniture.

There are MULTIPLE projects going on:

1.) Everything in the kitchen was taken out. Im painting the cabinets.

My brother and dad are redrywalling (the previous owner’s son did a HORRIBLE job)

2.) Full bathroom: shelves w/ new contact paper (FINISHED). New shower rod and curtain+ towels etc (FINISHED). Doing a beach theme in there w/ shelves and a little paint

3.) Painting my son’s room blue. (I am on the FOURTH COLOR! blue paint you are the death of me haha) Im painting my room later

4.) New fans in the “green room”, Andrews room, and my room

5.) Removing ivy and old brush in the front and the back of the house

6.) Spray painting living room coffee table : FINISHED! (yep I can say this one is finished haha post to come later)


And obviously there are many other things I want to do to the house, but I dont need everything finished before we move in. Which is set for the end of May, but well see how the boys do on the kitchen haha

Question for you:

Have you ever accomplished (or attempted) a large house project? How did it go?


Knot in my stomach

I was having a really good day. (except for my tooth hurting whenever I ate)

I stayed away from the candy at work(four days- candy free haha)

Then it turned …..

My son’s father asked if he could take our son back to his house for dinner tonight. No prob. when I got home from work, my son informed me that there was also a girl there.


For some of my blog friends, you may not know I have had trouble with my ex. Two years ago, I ended a 6 year relationship. Engaged from four. It was the right thing to do. He wasnt the future husband I wanted, and he wasn’t a father to our son.  He was actually going to leave stl, because he didnt want to live here anymore. And he was leaving with or without me and my son.  (hence why I finally ended it)

Now I think. Why is he still in stl? Was it not about stl, it was just about me?

But now. Even two years after breaking up, I still have a knot in my stomach.

I know I deserve the best. I deserve to be happy.

Ok enough of that stuff.  haha

This morning at 4am, I woke up from a nightmare dream about what color I will paint my kitchen. Yup. No lie. haha.

This house stuff  (inspections,papers) need to get finished. I need to sleep! I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about everything!

Then I found this



(deep breaths haha)

I have never painted my own room, or picked what color to use. There are so many! I know its only paint, but its MY house. (weird to say) Maybe Ill have you guys help me to pick out colors!!!

Question for you:

What is the color of your kitchen?

(ps I think I decided on a yellow green for the kitchen haha)