Just alittle bit of paint

Besides the many days I have been working, and the new workout routine (sorry for all the workout posts), I have also been finishing some little household projects. And all of them right now, seem to involve paint 🙂

The first I started was the garage door. The previous door was rotting, and Im pretty sure you could just kick it in haha. Now I have the new door!


my brother and dad were nice enough to hang this new steel door. So pretty. Today I painted the inside white. And this weekend I hope to finish the outside.

My sister in law also introduced me to chalk paint. Never heard of it?! me neither. We found manyyyyy colors at Joann’s.


(check for a coupon before you go. they always have them)

For the chalk paint, I took my old toy chest that my parents still had.


(I just couldn’t get rid of it)

And painted the top grey and bottom white. It is now in the back room and holds all our blankets. And my neice and nephew when they come over 🙂


Next up, was my old night stand as a kid. It was white, and had definitely seen better days.


It is now a pretty grey that goes in my bedroom


And last, but not least, this end table that was in the living room, and now is painted blue.


I’m not sure about this one. I thought it was more navy than royal blue. But I left it just to see if it grow on me.


So that’s about all the painting for the past few weeks. It is great to take something you weren’t fond of because of the color, and make it new with just a little bit of paint 🙂

Question for you:

Do you like to paint?

-I do!if you ever need help let me know

What was the last thing you painted? (or remember painting)

Sunny Sunday

I hope everyone had a grea Sunday! Andrew and I started out our day with pancakes and church.

We then headed to the pool with my mom and nephew. And Andrew went down the big slide for the first time!

First, I went down

Then Andrew!

We had to head home, so I could paint. The bathroom better be ready soon-I’m running out of paint! haha

After, a family dinner at my parents house, it finally rained! The weather here has been over 100 each day!

My flowers show just how dry and hot it has been!

Andrew and I found this funny video right before bed, and of course wordpress won’t let me attach it- but enjoy!


Question for you:

How did you spend your weekend?

Is anyone feeling tired and drained from all this heat!?!?!

Back in the Lou

HI EVERYONE! sorry its been awhile. I went on a GREAT girls trip this weekend, and was busy eating, drinking, shopping, and eating some more haha

I will update you later this week about ALLLL the adventures. For now I will just start with today

Breakfast was strawberries, then took my son to school and headed to sams. Then I had a BIG bowl of cereal

cereal + PB + banana + protein powder

 Then I painted for 6 HOURS!!! With the help of my brother. Closing day for the house is April 29th!!

After getting covered in paint (and starving) I made a quick sandwich with lettuce and tomato on an arnolds thin. With a side of apple and colby cheese. (I also had cashews)

This meal wasnt till 4pm, so I wasnt too hungry for dinner. I did make it for the rest of my family, and tried some myself

Pasta with peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and chicken. side of grapes

Here you can find the cream cheese pasta sauce


Then dessert was a skinny cow ice cream

can you see the dark circles? haha

Question for you:

When you paint, would you rather use a roller or a brush?

-I was in charge of the trim, and had to use a brush. It is very delicate stuff.