Spring cleaning

I started my day feeling a little under the weather, so Andrew and I started our day with matching oatmeal


Andrew and I started the day with a two mile walk around the park with Andrew and coffee. We even saw two bluejays

After our walk, Andrew had a friend over and I attacked the house


I cleaned the basement, the coat closet, the kitchen, you name it…it got cleaned


you can walk in now! haha. no joke.

basically, I was trying to stay busy so I wouldn’t eat a ton of food!

My only break was lunch while watching Modern Family


After dinner, we headed back to the park for tennis and baseball

We are getting a lot of sunshine, exercise, and quality time this week 🙂

Question for you:

Have you started spring cleaning?

Do you watch Modern Family?

Sunday with the little dude

Over the past few weeks, I feel that I haven’t seen Andrew to much. Between Andrew in school all day, and I have been working (alot to me) I knew today we needed to have a fun day!

First, it started with ice coffee for me and a pillow fort for Andrew 🙂

Luckily, it was BEAUTIFUL outside! So we met my sister in law, and nephew for breakfast. Then we headed to the park!

Rocket ship park I believe its called

The swings were always my favorite!

we the drove to the Clayton Art Fair (more on that tomorrow)

After an AMAZING nap, we then went to my old gradeschool’s homecoming. It was definitely a busy but fun day!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

(belly update: still not feeling well…..)

Question for you:

What did you do for dinner?
Are you ready for fall?
-I just bought some pumpkin beer 🙂

Mr Flower’s visit

In May, Mr Flowers and I started talking. (and by talking I mean facebook messages and texts) Fast forward to July, where phone calls began, and he was going to come and visit!  (man was I nervous!) But things fell through, when his uncle passed away the night before his visit.

We rescheduled for August, and again. ….Nervous. haha

Mr Flowers arrived the day after my hornet stings…..


Mr Flowers (or T that I call him on the good o’ blog) brought his twin 4 year old girls with him. We were treating the first get together like friends. We met at the park by my house. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I was shaking the entire time I was making the sandwiches haha)

At the park, I was greeted with a hug, and shy hellos from the girls. Then the kids took off, and T and I headed to the picnic tables. For about 5 minutes, I could tell we were both a little nervous. But then we got to talking, just like we have the past 3 months, and it was like we had been friends forever

After running around, Andrew and I took them to Ted Drewes! You can’t come to St Louis, and not get custard!

We ate on the  patio, and then the three kiddos colored and decorated paper, and before we knew it, it was 9pm and way past everyone’s bed time.  With a hug goodbye, they were off to their hotel

~Saturday morning~

I woke up bright and early, to a text from T.  They would be ready to go to the zoo in 15 minutes, whoops. Better go get Andrew up! haha.

While we were getting ready, T and the girls ran to the gas station to get drinks and snacks. I was impressed!

The zoo was an adventure, but the kids loved it! I was glad to show them a great part of the city.

(his girls with Andrew)

Then it was time for pizza and little relaxing.  Our mutual friend, Chrissy, had a birthday party for her son, and we all went to celebrate.

At the party, it never felt forced or uncomfortable with T and his girls. It seemed natural. Of course the other moms/friends were there asking who he was. haha. They even commented that it didn’t seem like our “first meeting”. I have to agree.

The only bad news: we didn’t take one picture together. And I didn’t take ONE PICTURE! WHO AM I!??!!? haha

Who knows what the weeks/months/years will bring, but I know, I can’t wait to find out.


The next visit….September 3rd 🙂

Question for you:

Would you call this talking, dating, or exclusive?

haha just kidding. I think my mom will appreciate that question

Spring and kindness

Hi everyone! I am in a PRETTY awesome mood.

-accomplished alot

-free stuff from an awesome friend

-visit to the park

-60 degree weather

-ice cream

Even though from 9am to 2pm I was making phone calls trying to find the perfect nice lender for my house loan. But I was able to get a ton done. And then it was 60 degrees and that means, its time to go to the park!

the house is all in the works! Next week, we have the inspections on wednesday. SOOO excited, but even more nervous haha

But first. My son and I made pancakes! Pumpkin pancakes

I had half of these
I swear there are pancakes under there! haha

Then I MAY have snacked a bit. My son and I shared an apple and colby cheese plate. and I had some pecans…and more pecans….

(old picture)

For lunch, I had a mission wrap pizza

while doing a million and 5 things

THEN! I was lucky enough to get the first look at my friend’s garage sale! And she just GAVE it to me.

Isnt that so nice? I find that now that I am in the process of owning a house, I have some pretty awesome friends and family members who are going to give me furniture and odd and ends. Which will save A TON!

black spray paint is this mirrors best friend

 I feel so blessed that she did this. Especially the mirror, which can be INCREDIBLY expensive.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the park with my son and nephew, who I watch on my days off.

Then I just ate junk, as my son would say.  Dinner was popcorn shrimp, broccoli  parmesan, potatoes, and macaroni. Then I followed it up with ice cream……..

fish fry from my gradeschool

SOOOO not good on the food front, and I didnt get in exercise (except for running around stlouis)

Question for you:

what is your favorite spring time activity?

-I LOVE to be outside. RIght now, I just want to go on a bike ride!