Late Workout

Yesterday, I mentioned that things need to change and get back in the workout/eating cleaner lifestyle. I am  ALWAYS in a better mood when I feel fit.

Today, I didn’t make it to the gym in the morning (like usual), so I worked out after Andrew went to bed. 8pm to be exact!!!! (OMG!!! haha)

Pumping iron…in the family room!

I decided, since I couldn’t make it to the gym (daycare only 8-12) I would google some at home workouts. And watch the kardashians haha

kourtney is one of my favorites

Pulled up on the computer! AMAZING WORKOUT LISTED HERE

Here we go! (man. I look TIRREEDDD)

Tricep extensions and bridges (my favorite)

(pbfingers also has great workouts too!)

Question for you:

Favorite  groupworkout: strength training, yoga, zumba, spin class…..

-I love it all! I am pushed so much MORE when I take a class. This week I took butts and guts 🙂