Time for a banquet

We have survived mardi gras, found out Nicole is having a boy!, and now its time for the Blue and Gold banquet for boy scouts.

By this time in the day, I was completely exhausted. So after our second wardrobe change, it was time to head to Andrew’s school.

We started with church, followed by a few awards, and then over to the gym for dinner and of course, a photo shoot

Funny picture


Ticking to get him to smile


FINALLY a good one!


After dinner (and a few more million awards, speeches) it was time for a presentation by the bird sanctuary

This was the first guy, that got a little scared by all the kids noise and went straight to the ceiling


Pretty owl


This was my favorite


Finally it was 9:30 PM! and time for bed.

I asked God for a busy weekend, and he definitely gave me a fun one!

Question for you:

Were you in boy scouts/ girl scouts?

New camera (part II) photo shoot

Andrew and I loveeeeee taking pictures! And with the camera coming yesterday ( Ilove deliveries) we just couldn’t resist!! Enjoy!!

obviously…we dont need the flash….

Andrew’s turn with the camera….

recipe to come tomorrow

after a stressful day yesterday….I decided to DEstress with an at home pedicure

Question for you:

If you could take a picture of anything, what would you choose?

-I absolutely love pictures of flowers or smiling faces 🙂

Time to start second grade

Today, the alarm went off at 6:30. It was time to get the little rascal out of bed (and me too) for his first day of 2nd grade.

I know that this summer has been hard, with the horrible heat, we really didn’t do much except head for the pool or play with legos. And I know Andrew was happy to see all his friends again.

The day started with breakfast, and getting dressed. All occurred with little fuss, but lots of eye rubs. We were both tired.

And then the photo shoot began!

Walking to school

Andrew’s dad came to walk with us

Trying to find his classroom

2nd grade!!!

It was alittle hard to leave. I will definitely miss him (and today was only 4hrs haha)

For me, it is always so hard to be away from Andrew. First, he is my little buddy. And to not be with him, or to be able to share his day together, never gets easier. But I know that he is having a great experience with all his friends. Even his best friend will be in his class! WAHOO!

Question for you:

– Did you have any traditions for your first day of school?

My brothers and I always had to stand in the same spot outside our house each year, so we (my mom) could see how much we changed. We also walked with about 10 other kids about a mile to school. It was a great way to wake up in the morning ( I didn’t always think that haha)

Cardinals photo shoot

Today started with an amazing pancake recipe, thanks to Angela! Recipe to come tomorrow 🙂

Then it was time for the gym. I went w/ 7 miles on the list. I really didn’t want to, but I wanted to make my training buddies proud, so I stuck with it. I didn’t go extremely fast but I did finish! (and trust me, I wanted to stop at 4, 5, and 6 miles haha)

The day concluded with the Cardinals game 🙂

Only 103 degrees at 7pm. No big deal

We stayed cool with ice cream

And lots of funny pictures

Well, one normal one haha

Question for you:

Is it hot where you are ?

It hit 109 degrees yesterday!!!

(busy) ME DAY

Only I would have a busy “me day”, instead of taking a day of rest. I did do some fun stuff though!


  • Pack for vacation (we leave saturday!)
  • return books at the library
  • Get school stuff for andrew
  • Visit grandma
  • Massage
  • Grocery shopping for car ride
  • Pedicure
  • Bike ride (maybe…)
  • Sleep in (if Im lucky)
  • Dinner with friends
  • Old Navy for school clothes
  • Pool

out of 12 not too shabby. I didn’t want to buy school supplies w/out andrew. I always remember how fun it was! And the bike ride and pool got cancelled due to rain- BOOOO


Morning started off with an awesome/easy breakfast

then to my new house, library, and massage! It was wonderful. Exactly what I needed- thank you groupon!

Next up, visiting old navy (if you buy $20 worth of stuff you get $10 to spend next week- SWEET!).

Then to my grandma’s and finally home for lunch!

(yougurt, blueberries, apples, and fiber one cereal)

Then a pedicure with my mom. It was fun to do this with her, and love the color!

Finally, the moment I was waiting for ALLLL day!

I got to pick up this lil guy!



Isnt he adorable? haha;-)

Home just in time to get ready for dinner.


(sorry weird angle. my brother’s gf was sitting when she took it)

My brother called me Barbie, not sure why. I didnt have any pink on haha (for once)

My friends and I were meeting up to celebrate one last time with Katie, who is moving to D.C. to do travel nursing.

She is HILARIOUS.  I will miss her. Its only for 13 weeks, but she might go somewhere else after that!

But the night was still young, at 1030, I went to the grocery store.

yep. no joke

 needed snacks for the car ride

and finally packing ( I think I put it off LONG enough)

this is only part of it………

Question for you:

Do you like packing?

– I love it! I can actually pack very quickly

What is your favorite car ride snack?

-My family doenst go anywhere with out licorice and peanut butter M&Ms. YUM

The 4th! (+photo shoot)

I had such an awesome fourth of July, I didn’t get to bed till almost midnight and I worked today. (basically Im EXHAUSTED)

So rewind to monday~~~~~~~


The day started out with red and blue pancakes:-)

well, they turned out green and orange. Darn pumpkin added to the mix haha

Then it was time to get the legos packed up

we are onto lego phase.

This phase includes safely moving the legos from my parents house to our house. This is a major operation 😉

Old Navy. Home Depot (I swear I live here). Walmart.

THen it was off to the house to start mudding the walls! WAHOOO!!!

soda cake w/ cool whip

We then had TWO BBQues. The first was at my friend’s house and then at my parents.

FINALLY it was time for fireworks

And of course while we were waiting, we had a photo shoot


enough pics? haha.

Even though I am REALLY tired today, it was totally worth it. I want to sleep in tomorrow. then my son and I are going to go on a bike ride and go to the pool. We need a day just to chill and hang out!

Good night!

Question for you:

What did you do for the 4th?

What is your favorite bbque food?