I survived

Well. It’s official. I survived my six 12 hour shifts in the NICU.


Unfortuantly, it wasn’t that great and included several difficult days. First, with the babies, and then with the rest of this week.

To lift my spirits, pizza and wine with ALL of Andrew’s pumpkins haha

I hope ALL my blogging buddies and their families are ok on the East Coast. Here in the NICU, we were talking about how they had to evacuate their NICU babies. I can’t imagine!

Question for you:

Red or white wine?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Mom and me day: Magic house

Today, Andrew had a mom and me day. Between work, and just the hussle and bussle of life, we haven’t been able to just have a day for us.

After the gym, I grabbed an ice coffee

Andrew got a donut (not healthy. but its a mom and me day! haha)

Then it was off to the Magic House. If you ever come to St Louis, you MUST take the kiddos there. Basically, it is a place for kids to have fun with most activites being about science or just daily activites.

First up the vaccum. You place a ball in one place and it goes through the tubes, and out another based on the suction pressure.

Or you can drive a horse and buggy

Stand inside a huge bubble

Or climb and then slide

There are also multiple “stores”. This one was a pizza parlor

Of course, my favorite was when he tooked care of the babies

This is only a tenth of what they actually have to offer there. It is an amazing place~

After two hours, it was time for lunch! Pizza picnic

Then its time for legos and blanket tents ūüôā

Question for you:

What is your favorite city to visit?

-I love going to ANY beach, but my favorite city is Chicago

Flu + running kicks

Good news: The little dude is feeling better, no fever, and even made it to school!

Bad news: My mom now has the FLU!!!!!

No joke. I swear, don’t come w/ in 100 miles of St Louis.

Today, I ran to get my mom’s prescription, get her zup, ice cream, popsicles, italian ice, and pudding. She looks pretty rough, so I made sure to keep my distance. And Andrew isn’t allowed over there, because he will get it even if he looks at her haha. But they will be together soon


Breakfast was quick and easy. Half a banana and PB, I didn’t want a full belly because I was taking my running kicks to the outdoors!!! It was in the 60s here! AMAZING!

The run was not. Apparently I was thinking it was Spring time and I didn’t bring water w/ me and the park turns the water off in the winter. (damn them) But I still finished 4 miles, while dragging my behind back to my car!

Lunch was amazing! Pizza (I ate the side w/ corn for lunch. And apples for dinner)

Moments after lunch, my sweet tooth hit. But I didn’t have much to choose from. Then I saw the dates- YUM! While watching Ellen

After getting Andrew from school, we both made some smoothies.

Mine: frozen blueberries, spinach, vanilla protein powder, yogurt, milk, and ice.

I also had a bagel thin w/ banana and PB. THen we went and played some b-ball.

After dinner, and putting the little guy to bed. Had some new carrot cake!

This is a Paleo recipe, but I promise you it is good. And I wasn’t starving for more. I had one piece, and that was all I needed!

Question for you:

Do you realize the difference between running on a treadmill vs. outside?

(or is it just me haha)

Shedd’s aquarium

After arriving in style in Chicago on Friday, it was time to hit the ground running!

We headed straight to Shedd’s aquarium. Luckily, I¬†packed¬†breakfast and snacks (yogurt, granola, hummus, carrots, cucumbers,¬†and pecans)¬†on the train and wasn’t hungry.

The aquarium was absolutely amazing! Just take a look at the pictures!!!

  sea turtle!


 sea horse

 JELLIES!!!! (said in Finding Nemo voice!)



  after 6 hours in a train and two hours at the aquarium, dont judge! haha (minus my mom)

  the blue thing on the left is a really pretty fish



¬†After the aquarium (and problems in the park garage- they weren’t going to let me out!) we headed back to my cousin’s condo, changed into comfy clothes, and ate a million gardetto’s got some pizzas!

….more to come tomorrow!

Question for you:

Would you rather go to an aquarium, museum, or planetarium?

– Aquarium for me!

new goal and recipe!

The day started at 8:45.

Thats right. I got to sleep in!!!! WAHOO!!!

Andrew was at my parent’s, spending the night there with my nephew.

After a quick breakfast of yogurt, granola, and strawberries it was time to run.


yep. I hit the pavement all my own. Just me and the IPOD. NO garmin.

I didn’t want to always be looking to see how far I ran, or my speed.

I ended up finishing 3 miles and it felt pretty good.

It was shower time and time to get pretty. My goal, when I am not working, is to not wear sweats. I have to wear actual people clothes,  and wear my hair down too. (at least for most of the day haha)

So far so good.

Maybe I will start putting some fashion pictures up! haha

Then Andrew and I had some lunch and some “hang out” time, before his soccer game.

I had leftover pizza (thanks mom!) watermelon, and leftover potatoes (with LOTS of ketchup)

I had a really NASTY banana. So whats a girl to do….make banana bread!

Recipe tomorrow!

I also found some new decorations from my living room table at walmart.


With one set that I got at home goods

Didn’t like it. So I added some from walmart.

Im not sure what I think. I think it needs a candle, and less of these.

what do you think?

Then dinner was breakfast. Andrew had pancakes, and I had an omlet

and banana bread for dessert.

Then it was time to get down to business. I had a HUGE to do list to accomplish. And so I set up in the dining room.

dont mind the beer. that was motivation. haha

Question for you:

Where do you get your decoration ideas from? (do you like what I put on the table- or try something else?)

(ps. did you notice the new blog look- do you like? or like the old?)


I work at a children’s hospital in st Louis, and The attending at the hospital, will call the food I ate today Horrid. She is australian and calls pretty much everything that is bad or Cra*py, Horrid.

Thats just Horrid!

(it makes me want to laugh everytime haha.)

I LOVE accents though. And one day maybe Ill do a VLOG to show my british accent. I can also do a southern accent. But Im sure you all would just laugh. OH WELL.

So today’s eats:

6:00 egg, egg white, american cheese pepper omlet

9:00 oats, pb, banana

10:30 Panera bagel (DAMN IT!)

so I calculated my calories thanks to good O’ sparkpeople.com. And I was ALREADY at 800 calories. EEEKKKKKKK.

I was really pissed at myself . But I had two rolos and got over it. Oops again

Well at least I wasnt hungry till 3:30 in the afternoon. Which was good because we got a sick kiddo in the NICU and another nurse needed an extra set of hands.

330 Left over pizza, watermelon, pudding, and 1/2 pecans

on the right

6:00 1/2 pecans

8:00 apple and 1 graham cracker

Calories 1732

Carbs 253

Fat 72

Protein 69

SOOOOOOOO not an awesome day by any means. but it could have been worse. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I need to stay away from the candy. and bagels. and carbs just in general haha

Question for you:

How do you turn a HORRID day around?

ps. I didnt get to work out because I went to help on my house. The dry wall is going up on the ceiling!!!!!!

Birthday Part Four

Today was spent running around St Louis.
Breakfast started with Pumpkin Oat Pancakes

Then to home depot to get dry wall!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think i have EVER been this excited to go to home depot. Yep the kitchen is in the REBUILDING phase!


Also, had to pick up the cake for my kiddos bday party.¬†Today’s was a joint party with another boy in Andrew’s class.
They had a swim party and had a blast!

Then it was time for target, walgreens, checking email. Pick up Andrew.


Apple Feta Pizza

Im watching you Tiger. Yes and orange cat names tiger, SOO original

 Its surprising I get to eat with all these animals trying to steal my food!

(ok my parents really only have a dog and cat)

I also had a yogurt and small piece of ice cream cake

 We then took a nap before it was PARTY TIME!!!


 the party included lots of swimming, pizza, and of course cake

All I had was cake. I mean who can turn down a star wars cake?!?!? exactly.

now I have ABSOLUTELY no energy (teachers you are angels! we had 24 kids, 9 being 1st graders) And IM TIRED!

Off to bed. work tomorrow and then to work on my house!

Question for you:

What is your favorite pumpkin food?

Random Friday

Happy Friday!

My friday started off a little with a little discomfort in my lower abdomen. (nope its not TOM)

 Im pretty sure its a bladder infection..so i got a jug of cranberry juice at Sams. And jugged it all day long!

Breakfast was just a boring bowl of cereal. Then I went to Sams. And then I went to my son’s school to read for his library class.

 I love going to his school during the day and meeting all the kids! I did see this bumper sticker..

Anyone like the twilight movies and/or books?

The books are good, but I dont know what the deal is with Robert Patterson…..I dont think hes that good looking.

Taylor, thats a different story. HAHA

When I got home I found these! How pretty!

Lunch was left over salad and a piece of french bread

I also had a snack: chocolate vitatop and PB. Then it got busy.

-Got my son from school.

-Went to my grandparents.

-Took my son to his dad’s house for the night.

-Went and got my shirt and number for the half marathon this sunday!!!!

-Dinner with my brother, sister n law, nephew, and their friends. PIZZA!

These is JERSEY style pizza! I had peppers, spinach, and chicken. It was delicious ESPECIALLY the crust!

 Now Im just sitting in my pjs getting ready for bed. Need my sleep for the half marathon in two days!

Question for you:

I took these wine bottles and cleaned them, took off the labels,and thought they were so pretty.

Now I am trying to think of things to do with them. Any suggestions?

Have you ever taken an object, made for one purpose, and made it for something else?

Stolen camera & recipe

Yesterday was a pretty good day. New pizza recipe!

apple feta pizza

Last night  I went out with Lydia, a friend that I work with in the NICU. I have been talking a lot about my feelings of my ex, and she told me WE NEED TO GO OUT! We had a blast!

This morning I woke up CRAVING hash browns. Well I didnt have potatos, but I did have sweet potatoes!! So I sliced them, added olive oil, salt, and cinnamon.  With a side of  eggs

Lunch was left over pizza. Then my snack was my good o’ friend- PB and banana on bread

Good o' friend

I made a new recipe by Janetha

it was SO good. Even my son ate it (who is a really picky eater ) My mom wouldnt eat it though.

While cooking my camera got stolen!!!

can you all see the BIG booty?

Have you figured it out yet? haha

 So last night, I plugged in my phone right next to my water on my night stand. Wellllll the condensation on the cup got on the table. Well my phone was sitting in water this morning, and wont turn on!

so sad…Im having to use my OLD phone.

No exercise today except playing soccer with my son twice. This is him today playing goalie for his indoor team- They won!~

Im always so nervous when he play goalie haha

Question for you:

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

-I also updated my recipe and travel page

Apple Feta Pizza

Apple Feta Pizza


  • Spinach Wrap
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Feta Cheese
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Apple (sliced)
  • Spinach

1.) Preheat oven 425 degrees

2.) Place spinach wrap on baking sheet. And bake for 5 minutes.

3.) Remove from oven and layer pizza: sauce, apple slices, cheese, and spinach

Bake until crunchy!