Trying new things and UPDATES!

WOW. what a crazy 24 hours! My cousin’s wedding was yesterday and was an absolute blast! We danced the night away (along with a few hours of sleep haha) I plan to update you in the next few days!

Today, was a day of new things! (like the small hangover I had after my brother made me try moonshine. It wasn’t a good idea. haha)


Andrew and I started the day with a visit to a new church! My friend at work attends Jubilee, and for weeks has been suggesting it, and this week was just the right time!

Andrew actually said this was his favorite church to go to so far!!! Lots of upbeat songs, they even had a cello! We will be going back


We then headed to lunch with two friends that I went to high school with, and we tried a new place! Russell’s Cafe


Andrew tried the french toast (I of course stole a few bites) It was AMAZING! I went with 1/2 farmer’s stand salad, and 1/2 pork tenderloin sandwich.

If you are in St Louis, you have to go here!!!


A few people MAY already know, but my brother and sister in law found out they were pregnant in February! While having dinner for my dad’s birthday, the family started to get a bit sarcastic with me, and I said “Thats it. You’re having twins.” Well a few weeks later, they found out THEY WERE having twins!!!!!!!!

twins- brian and mandy

And just this weekend they found out they are having a BOY and a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! If I seem to have a lot of exclamations, its because I am SO excited!! The babies are due at the beginning of October 🙂


A sucky update, is about the date I was suppose to have last week. Well Dan apparently got the flu, of course with my history I didn’t believe him. Then we rescheduled for today. All through the week we have been talking, he even wanted to meet up a few nights this week, but Andrew was in bed asleep. Then Sunday rolls around…and he doesn’t respond to my text….

UMMM wtf?!?! I guess I will never understand guys. But I’ve read He’s Just Not That Into You, and I think there was a part in there about this! haha


Instead of having a sucky evening because of dummy dan, Andrew and I got in our pjs and brought down everything from his bedroom, and played Star Wars Monopoly


I also tried to get my week together, because I work and have a few classes, and also have to clean my house and get ready for Andrew’s First Communion next Monday.


no worries. I’m sure it will all come together……EEEK!

Question for you:
What is a new update in your life?