Got a little TOO busy, time for pancakes

So I MAY have gotten alittle too busy, alittle too stressed out. So you know what that means….


Yep. Not feeling so hot today. I woke up not feeling 100%

This morning, I didn’t want eggs and bacon. Since I wasn’t feeling good, I wanted some comfort food and that ALWAYS means pancakes.


I went to my handy dandy pinterest, and found this recipe for paleo coconut flour pancakes. I was alittle skeptical because the ingredients were pretty simple, but don’t let that fool you. They were amazing! I added some scrambled eggs, and bacon


Today, I had a lot planned. workout at the gym. papers. bills. etc etc. Instead, I am drinking coffee in bed.


Checking emails, relaxing, and watching The Incredibles. I want to be able to breath tomorrow when I have my MRI. Everyone say alittle prayer around 6am that they find fat when they scan that darn mass. haha

Question for you:

Do you workout when you are sick?

-Usually I do, but the class I take, I usually can’t breath/move when I feel great, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to push it, and then I would get frustrated. it would probably also not help my body heal, and we need that!

Hello world!

I have missed you blog friends!!

But I have been one BUSY BUSY lady!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT! I bought a house!!!

Ive been running around like a mad women buying stuff.
(ok really MOST of it was fun haha)

Then I met my ex fiancee’s new girlfriend. And its been rough.

I didnt know she was going to be at my son’s baseball game. I ended up crying on Friday night for a good two hours.

(thats my mom and dad in their younger days! arent they good lookin? haha)

Then it was mother’s day!! I had a great day, except I woke up sick and unable to breath through my nose. No good.

But I did get an awesome card!

The inside was the best part!

My mom is46 years old. (Im really 25 haha)

My mom’s favorite food is mushrooms (true but I LOVE ice cream )

My mom’s favorite job is being a nurse (VERY true. except for being a full time mom)

My mom’s favorite TV show is the weather (I dont watch much tv, but when there is a tornado, Im ALL over that!)

Mom likes when I hug her (of course!)

My mom cooks the best macaroni and cheese (I do make a mean dish of mac and cheese haha)

I like to help my mom clean (good bud. cuz we have a WHOLE house to keep clean)

I like to go to Target with my mom (Ive created a monster)

My mom looks pretty when she has her purple dress on (it is my favorite! You can also see the picture of me in my purple dress in his card!)

I know my mom loves me because she kisses me (I love giving kisses)

I love my mom because she gets me legos (the boy does like legos haha)


I hope you all arent mad that I have been MIA.  Ive been throwing myself into the house. First to stop thinking about the ex, and to get my house looking B.E.A. utiful.

I have also been sick the past two days and have been living on this!

Question for you:

What is your favorite food when you are sick?