The big birthday weekend

Even as I write this post, I can’t believe that I have a 9 year old. This is his last year of being in the single digits. And soon he will be a preteen… craazzzzyyy


The birthday celebrations started on Saturday with a kid party and sleepover. They played outside for a long time and then opened presents


The night ended with a movie



 The next night was spent with my family with of course presents



and cake!

DSCN0785b DSCN0784b

We spend the night outside with all of Andrew’s baseball gifts

On Andrew’s actually birthday Monday, we spent a low key day, but we celebrated with a baseball game


Andrew was SO excited to play on his birthday


And they were able to celebrate with cupcakes


Question for you:

Would you rather have cake, ice cream, cupcakes, etc for your birthday?

Santa arrived early

Andrew and I had an amazing Christmas, I hope that everyone did as well. Even though we celebrated a few days before, everything was perfect

We had cookies out for santa


And the tree with all the presents


Andrew woke up at 6am, we decided to wait till 7 (or I did haha)

We then headed downstairs, to wait on my parents to arrive around 8 when we opened gifts, ate breakfast, and had a low key morning

DSCN0005 P1080818 P1080819 P1080833 P1080834

Andrew and I were extremely blessed this Christmas

Some of my favorite gifts:

DSCN0046 DSCN0043 DSCN0038 DSCN0032 DSCN0031

My all time favorite:


My new camera 🙂

Question for you:

What was your favorite gift to give or to receive this year?

Wrapping all the goodies

In just one short week, Andrew and I will be celebrating Christmas. Thats right, Santa will be visiting us on Sunday the 22nd because Andrew will be with his dad on Christmas. This will be our first Christmas apart (don’t even get me started on that! I haven’t run out of tears yet haha)

So this past week and weekend, I have been a busy elf wrapping


(my one gift to myself)

My room looked like a tornado went through


This present is going to be a good one for Andrew 🙂


All packed away and ready for Saturday night


Justin has also been really busy around the house

P1080743 P1080745 P1080746

Question for you:

What night do you celebrate with your family?

Christmas 2012

And finally the day came for Santa to arrive!


Andrew was opening gifts at lightening speed

IMG_0784 IMG_0783 IMG_0782 IMG_0781 IMG_0780

My parents also came over, and then we had breakfast


Later that day, we headed over to my grandparents where my mom’s family meets every year

Question for you:

Someone said this might be the last year Andrew believes in Santa 😦 Did you believe in santa when you were little?

Birthday # 27

A year ago, I celebrated my birthday with a small get together and got the best present ever.

After this weekend barbecue, it was time for a low key birthday. Today I OFFICALLY turned 27!

My day started out with pancakes with Andrew, and then my dad changed the oil in my car. A great gift too!

Andrew and I then headed to the movies to see Ice Age 4. It was really cute

Lunch time

and then the pool. Andrew heading down the slide

Finally, dinner at my parents with the family. I got a dehumidifier 🙂

This is something I needed for my house, and my parents were nice to get it. (those things are crazy expensive! And I need one for Andrew’s allergies.)

Well there you have it. Another year. Weird to see how things changed from year to year….

Question for you:

What is your favorite birthday gift you can remember?

Merry Christmas! (lots of pictures!)

The story of Kristen and Andrew’s Christmas Eve and Day

I spentChristmas Eve, working in the NICU with all the babies and a fun group of women. We laughed  and had A LOT of sweets to choose from 🙂

At 7:30pm, I headed to my parents house. They were having dinner w/ my brothers, nephew, sister in law and her family. I of course had a blast! (but was so tired!)

This is what I look like after 5 hours sleep and a 12 hour shift haha (oh and lots of sweets haha)

10:30 Mass was next on the agenda. Andrew fell asleep before mass started. I wanted to join in!

11:45 cookies and milk for Santa

Christmas Day

7am: I was jumped on by Andrew- SANTA ARRIVED!!! Merry christmas!

7:01 We first started with the stockings!

7:10 Andrew was getting anxious. SOOOO many presents to open! haha We then called my parents, who were coming over to watch us open our gifts.

7:30 made some hot chocolate. Coffee for me!

8:00 Parents arrived and time for gifts!

I got some socks, cupcake pan, eyelash curler, pedicure set, and a camera case! Dont forget the starbucks gift card 🙂

Andrew and I played for a bit, while my parents headed home

11:00 Breakfast at my parents house w/ my younger brother and his girlfriend


I got a kitchenaid mixer! !!!!!!

A printer

A pretty necklace from my sister in law, brother and nephew

socks (its a tradition)

tools and tool bags from my younger brother (he picked me in the secret santa)

An ornament from the Cherry Hut that we go to every year when we go on vacation in Michigan (ornaments are also a tradition)


I also got an ornament from my neighbors (my second family. I miss living next door to them)

3pm Back home to relax. Andrew and I were both exhausted!!!!

5pm Grandmas house w/ all the aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The girls all got 31 bags from our grandparents!! YEA!


At my grandparents, we ate, played games (we have a ping pong tourney every year) , opened gifts, and even played a game of rob your neighbor.

I brought a very tired 6 year old home around 11 and we crashed.

 I feel very blessed ❤

Question for you:

What was your favorite part of christmas?