Random articles/blogs for motivation

When I went to type of something, I noticed I had a few drafts still left that I never published. And I went to see what I thought was interesting a few weeks back…..

I follow several blogs, sites, and different twitter accounts and I always find some great recipes. This time I found a few, along with some great articles!



I love following other blogs, healthy twitter accounts, and seeing other workouts. This is motivation for me to eat healthy and get off my butt! Of course, I also had to share the pumpkin recipes because, well, its PUMPKIN!



Question for you:

What sites/blogs to you most enjoy?

October Superlatives

October was a great month! Lots going on, and

I LOVE looking back to see all that happened!


– I started the month by trying to fing my match. I went on a few dates, and so far David and I have hit it off. But Im not settling, just seeing what happens!

-I completed my fifth half marathon and my brother finished his FIRST full marathon!~

-I did one of my favorite things, a Before and After


-I may have cried at work and at target 

-I celebrated the Cardinals winning the world series w/ a parade!

 -I feel in love with yoga and Soulard’s Farmers Market

– Of course I had some YUMMY recipes!

chocolate covered pretzels

 Pumpkin Spice Latte (who doesn’t love pumpkin!)


 Acorn Squash Recipe (that I could eat EVERY night!)


 And then I found some awesome pumpkin recipes to share!

 Question for you:

What is your biggest accomplishment for October?

-Mine would be starting to listen to myself, and find time for exercise that is FUN!

What is your goal for November?

– I need to lose at least a lb a week, and start eating better. Lately, I have been eating non stop and whatever is easy (mostly cake, ice cream, and sweets. YUCK!)