A busy absence

Hello again everyone! I feel like I do really well with blogging then when I work several days in a row, I can’t blog about much. Well I COULD blog about how tired I am, but who wants to hear that!?!?! haha

Anyway, after the baby went home, I worked five 12 hour shifts in a row. I even worked out after two of them! I was proud of myself.

Finally I was off! The past two days have included my favorite class at the gym, a nap, and going to the Cardinals game with my friends Jessica and Sarah

P1070416 P1070406

I went to nursing school with them, and absolutely adore them! We can be away from eachother for weeks, and then get back together, it is no different than when we were in school. Love them!

Wednesday, was just a whole bunch of running around. I had to renew my license (my bday is next week!), take Andrew to vacation bible school, visit the baby, get Andrew to the library and get his hair cut.


Doesn’t he look so tough!?!?! haha. He wanted to be able to spike it 🙂

Afterwards, we stayed low at home. I ate my salad while watching So You Think You Can Dance.


So good. I wish I could dance 1/2 as well as they do

Then it was off to my brother’ and future sister in laws’ house to meet their new puppy Charlie

DSC_1002 DSC_1003


makes me want to get one…… haha

I brought my favorite black bean brownies (dont knock it, till you try it) They are delicious!

Question for you:

What food dish do you usually bring to get togethers?

-I always bring the veggie tray. my friends always plan make fun of me for it!

Would you rather sing or dance really well?

-Dance definitely!