Random articles/blogs for motivation

When I went to type of something, I noticed I had a few drafts still left that I never published. And I went to see what I thought was interesting a few weeks back…..

I follow several blogs, sites, and different twitter accounts and I always find some great recipes. This time I found a few, along with some great articles!



I love following other blogs, healthy twitter accounts, and seeing other workouts. This is motivation for me to eat healthy and get off my butt! Of course, I also had to share the pumpkin recipes because, well, its PUMPKIN!



Question for you:

What sites/blogs to you most enjoy?

Great Finds for motivation

The past few days, I have been pretty busy. If I haven’t been working, I have been working around the house. (isn’t that just life?!?!) I will say that picking up extra shifts at work, have really taken its toll.

On Friday (my one day off) I woke up feeling exhausted, and down on myself. I felt fat, was feeling lazy and the negative talk just kept coming and coming. So I dropped Andrew off at school, and headed straight to the gym.


I knew that if I didn’t I would head back to bed, get nothing accomplished, and the negative talk would continue.

I also feel a BILLION times better when I work out. Which has also been apart of the problem this week. I know that when I don’t get to the gym, I not only feel more “squishy” but I also feel more down. I just need to make workouts a priority, and not an option.


Caityln from Healthy Tipping Point had a great post on how to get in workouts, but more importantly how to make time for yourself without the guilt. And how to fit in workouts, when we say we don’t have time.

Other great finds:

GO TO paleo recipes from Everyday Paleo

Chicken and Apple Sausage from PaleOMG

-Robb Wolf had a great post about being consumed by food and how we can become so engrossed with what we CAN and CAN’T eat, that we don’t enjoy life.

-A few weeks ago, I also started tracking my food. I came to found I was eating WAYYYYY to many carbs (darn you paleo rolls. you taste SO good!) This article helped me with understanding why I should track (I am the emotional eater haha)

-Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers had this great 24minute boot camp workout,

(I just finished this workout after a 12 hour shift. It flew by, and I was sweating in no time!)
Question for you:

Anything new you have found recently?

Weekly Workouts and goals

This week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 6 mile Bike ride around with Andrew

Tuesday: GYM: 10 min bike, 60 min muscle works class AND a 5.5 mile bike ride with Andrew

Wednesday: Rest day ( 12 hour shift)

Thursday: Rest Day (12 hour shift)

Friday: Babies Babies Babies

Saturday: Rest Day (12 hr shift)


Well. holy moly. Another restful week it seems haha. ok, no I really kicked booty on Monday and Tuesday. But those 12 hour shifts makes it really hard to get a workout in. And then of course the twins came along as well!

luckily, I have been eating clean. I cut out not only carbs, but cheese yogurt, and milk. (only use it in my coffee) Before, I would eat “semi” clean (whatever that means) and I would wake up with extra tummy cramps. I will say not a single morning this week did that happen! Also, I weighed in on Friday and I had lost a lb and a 1/2! And considering I haven’t had any BIG workouts, I consider this a huge success!!!

This weeks goals:

  • Go to bed before 10:30
  • Eat clean
  • Exercise Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat
  • Make time for myself


Question for you:
Do you make weekly/monthly/yearly goals?
What is a goal you want to make this week?

Pins to pass along PART 2

I am hoping that by the time this post is published (Im writting this on Tuesday) that my sister in law will have had her twins!!!!!!!!! I plan on writting Friday all about twins. Can you tell I’m excited??!?!? Well I have been for about 9 months haha

Just a few things I wanted to share:

  • Wanna try this with Andrew this year

halloween pumpkin

  • Somedays I feel like this….


  • Fall Fashion (once it isn’t a billion degrees outside..)


  • Favorite quote this week


  • Going to try this workout soon!


  • Yup., I am pinning things for christmas already!


  • Going to try this pork tenderloin recipe this weekend


To end on a happy note…I hope to one day find a guy who looks at me like this haha. This really is hilarious and sweet


Question for you:

Any recent new finds for you?

Are you ready for fall? Or already missing summer?

Pins to pass along

I feel like every once and awhile I remember about pinterest

And then I get SO excited I go over board

I really need to remember to look at them more often. Does anyone else have this problem?

Well anyway, here are some new pins I just found and I thought I would pass them along!\

Can’t wait to break out the crockpot



Best advice


New workouts!


Ideas for kids lunches!


A great kid party idea


IF I ever got a puppy, I would get one of these 🙂


Future craft



Funny just for Friday


(just click the picture for the link!)

Question for you:

How is your weekend?

Favorite thing to pin on pinterest?


Last week, I talked about what was going on with my life and some trouble I have been having. I think that it is good to talk about problems or issues we are having, because others might be going through something similar. We all need support, and I appreciate all the support people had for me

Now I want to share a few posts I found that definitely helped me!

    • Debra mentions that AHA moment. The time when you finally get it, you stop waiting for Monday, for your birthday, etc to finally make a change.
    • Anne had Theodora guest post about her weight lose story and finding her love for running
    • Tina talks about getting back into the workout groove
    • I also love janetha who mentions balancing life, but more about finding time to enjoy life


It might be 2013, but it still applies haha





Question for you:
What is your inspiration right now? A quote, a person, or just you 🙂

Busy Day Workouts

I love a good workout. But man, I need help to put them together. I have found some great ones on pinterest.

And I just found another!


I needed to get a workout in, and this one happened at 7am!


You might say, Kristen, why did you workout so early!?!?! I had a billion things to do.

  • grocery store
  • sign up for Andrew’s summer camp
  • coffee
  • bank
  • church
  • order screen door
  • Andrew’s hair cut

(all before noon!)


This still is my favorite ten minute workout. It is a must try!

Others that I recently pinned:

Question for you:

Where do you get your workout inspiration?