New Love

Today, was such an amazing day. And I have a new love!

It started off with an egg, banana, and PB sandwich

Then my second cup of pumpkin coffee for a chilly 9am soccer game.

andrew in the yellow socks in the middle
 They didn’t end up winning, but had fun while I was freezing my booty off

After the game, we visited my grandma. and then it was time to highlight my hair haha


 It has a lot of blonde….. of course you can’t tell by the tired/pale picture

After this, Andrew and I headed to Soulard’s farmers market. I was in heaven and I am officially in love with this place.

They have every fruit and vegetable you can think of. Jewelry, venders selling food and drinks, beer, flowers and even rugs!

We found some goodies

 Luckily Unfortuantly,  we didn’t need many veggies and fruits. But we did get a lb of grapes and two oranges. (I asked Andrew what he wanted, and he said “An orange please.” What a cutie!)

We also got the two yellow mums. they were only 5 bucks a piece!

 Put them into pots, and found the perfect place for them.

 Then time to cut andrew’s hair


 Im actually get used to using the trimmer.

For dinner, my mom, Andrew, and I headed to the Boat House in Forest Park for dinner. I started off with a raspberry beer. Of course, I stuff myself with a cajun chicken sandwich and fries.


And thennnnn we got ice cream from DQ. I had to get the pumpkin pie that I have been dying for!

ice cream w/ leftovers

 When I ordered the Medium, I had NO idea it would be this HUGE. Don’t worry. I didn’t eat it all, I put 2/3rds of it back in the freezer. More for tomorrow!

It was really a nice day. Even though it seems like we did a lot, I never felt that we were just running place to place and not enjoying the day. I absolutely hate running around with Andrew, I feel like I don’t give him attention if all we do is run errands.

Question for you:

Do you love farmers markets?

Do you feel guilty when you eat a ton and don’t work out? How do you not beat yourself up?